The first step in accessing the Tedako Child Development Center is to apply using our online application form. 

To complete the application form, you will need to have the following information or documents ready:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Your OIST employee ID number
  3. Your preferred start date
  4. Your child's medical and allergy information
  5. Your child's Japanese clothing size (learn more here)
  6. Your preference for ordering school lunch


Go to the Application Form


After you've successfully applied and your child has been assigned a class, you will be required to bring the following documents to complete your child's registration.  

  • A copy of your child's vaccination record
  • A copy of your child's health insurance card
  • Proof of income for calendar year 2019.  If you worked in Japan in 2019, please contact your city office and get a shotoku shomei (income certificate) one for each parent in the household.  If you lived overseas, please submit documents that can verify income and make an appointment with the CDC director to discuss these documents. 


You will also need to fill out the following forms and bring them to the Tedako Child Development Center. 


You may also submit the following optional forms.