Infants and children from 57 days to six years old on the day of admission, who are being brought up by university employees (including part time and temp staff) and students. Visiting faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students, participants in events held on campus and other kinds of guests also have access to the CDC programs for their children. In addition, staff of contractors (vivarium, cleaning, café, etc.), volunteers, and others working on campus may be given access.

*In order to confirm the relationship of the child to be enrolled to the parent affiliated with OIST, we kindly request you to submit a proof of relationship (Certificate of Residence with Family Register (juminhyo-tohon, 住民票謄本) with relationship or birth certificate) along with all the other enrollment paperwork.


Application Process

Application Period

Applications must be made by the first day of the month that is two months prior to the desired enrollment month, e.g. parents who intend for their child to start Tedako in April must submit the application by February 1st. Application for occasional childcare must be completed by the first day of the month that is one month prior to the desired enrollment month.

Apply Now


Priority will be given to OIST faculty who enroll their children in the full-time CDC program.  Spaces are given to children on a first come, first serve basis and children who are enrolled full time have priority over children who are part time.  If you are offered a start date and decline then you have an option to put your name on our waiting list and we will offer the space to the next person who applies.  If you are already on the wait list, your name will go onto the bottom of the waiting list.  We can not hold spaces for children if fees are not in place. 

Wait List

If there are no spaces in the child's age group, or you are not ready for your child to attend and you do not want to pay fees to hold the space, your name can be added to the CDC wait list.  As space opens within the age group, we will offer a space to the person who has been on the wait list longest, if a space is offered and declined, the name will be removed from the wait list.  If the family wishes to remain on the wait list, the name will be added to the bottom of the list.

Notice of Acceptance

A notification of acceptance will be issued to confirm admission.