OIST SANSHIN LESSON Summer Semester (July 20th ~ October 26th)


Thursday, August 24, 2023 - 18:00 to 20:15


Plumeria Lounge


Class information

Date:July 20th ~ October 26th (Every Thursday) *the classes will be held 12 times.

Place:Plumeria Lounge

*Up to 6 students per every classes
¥1500 per 1 time (Sanshin rental + ¥500 )

  • Beginners Class 18:00-19:00

For those who have never played sanshin before or those who used to play but have forgotten how to play Sanshin.

You will be able to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the first class!

In this class, you will be introduced to a brief history of Sanshin and basic skills like how to use a pick, how to hold the Sanshin, and how to read the notes. We will practice the first three songs below for a month to make friends with sanshin J Then gradually move onto Okinawan traditional songs/POP songs. In this class, you will be able to read notes and play:

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star(きらきら星)
  2. Froggy song(カエルの歌)
  3. Orion Beer Song from BEGIN(オジー自慢のオリオンビール)
  4. Aha-bushi – Okinawan fork song(安波節)
  5. Asadoya-Yunta – Okinawan fork song(安里屋ユンタ)
  6. Shimanchunu Takara (Treasure of Islander) from BEGIN(島人の宝)
  • Experienced Class 19:15-20:15

For those who can read Ko-ko-shi (sheet music) easily ♩

This classes are held throughout the year, so you can join each time. Please make a reservation with the instructor by Wednesday, the day before the day you would like to attend class due to the spots are limited.

This is a class for those can reads notes fluently. I take any requests, Okinawan folk songs, POPs, Ryukyuan Classical music, in this class. You will enjoy your favorite songs.

Example of requested songs|リクエスト曲の例:

・Nada soso(涙そうそう)

・Sanshin no Hana(三振の花)


・Songs for Eisa (Okinawan traditional drum dance) (エイサー曲)

・Onna-bushi (Ryukyuan classical song)(恩納節)

*Please kindly understand that the last class date may changed depending on the instructor's availability.


日程:7/20(木)~ 10/26(木) 全12回

*各クラス 最大6名様まで
1回 ¥1500  (三線レンタル+¥500 )

  • 初心者さんクラス 18:00-19:00 





  • 経験者さんクラス 19:15-20:15





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