Capoeira classes by Mitsuhiko Hara

What is Capoeira

It is a Brazilian traditional dance which was registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Capoeira have been developed around the 16th century by African slaves who were brought to Brazil.
In Capoeira, people enjoy to have communication with others and showing off their skills to each other with song and music. Although capoeira is a martial art, it does not directly attack to the opponent, so no one is hurt. There are no referees to determine who wins or loses, so anyone can enjoy capoeira.



Mitsuhiko Hara

He started to practice Capoeira since 2006 and at that time there were no Capoeira classes in Okinawa.His friends and He published the Okinawa branch of Capujaon and started practicing and working Capoeira in Okinawa.He recieved recognition for his achievement and was certified as a instructor(Aluno graduado) by CapuJapon in 2018.

He would like to teach you...

1.Capoiera's movement : How to attack and protect yourself and movement

2.Capoeira's music : How to play Capoeira's music instruments

3.Capoeira's knowleage and way of thinking :Enjoying the Capoeira with your opponent and gain knowleage about Capoeira

原 満彦先生は、2006年からカポエイラを始めました。当時はまだ沖縄にカポエイラ教室が無かったので、大阪にあるカポエイラ団体・カプージャポンの沖縄支部を友人達と立ち上げ、カポエイラの練習・活動を始めました。2018年には、その功績が認められカポエイラの指導者(Aluno graduado)の資格(段位)を取得しました。





Date | 日程

Thursdays 7:30pm - 9:30 | 毎週木曜日 午後7時30分~9時30分

Location | 場所

Ocean View Room | オーシャンビュールーム

Fee | 参加費

The fee per class is ¥500. Please pay the instructor directly.


What to bring:

・(Clothes)Elasticized Long trousers is better for looking.

・(Hydration)Towel and water

・(Indoor shoes)  Sneaker type will reduce the burden on the soles of the feet during the lesson.

※You can also practice without shoes on



 ・(運動靴)室内用の運動靴(スニーカータイプ)があると、レッスン中における動きでの足裏の負担が軽減されます。 もちろん裸足で動いてもOKです。

※This class will be tought in Japanese and little English.

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I certify that I am in good health to participate in any fitness related activity hosted by OIST Recreation Services and will sign the liability waiver. 私は、OISTレクリエーションサービスが提供するフィットネス活動に参加出来る健康状態であることを保証し、免責同意書に署名します。
The fee per class is ¥500 - please pay the instructor directly. 参加費は1クラスにあたり500円です。直接講師の方へ現金でお支払いください。