The Very First PATO Green Futures Award

PATO is launching a new initiative called the 'PATO Green Futures Award' to recognize CDC and SAP teachers, staff and classes that do something special to be environmentally friendly through teaching and doing, for example, being energy efficient, making the most of our resources, recycling, and protecting the environment.

To celebrate this launch, PATO would like to give the inaugural Green Futures Award to Natasha Tkachenko. Two years ago, Natasha started collecting the banana skins left over from snack time at the CDC and recycled them in the campus compost heap that the OIST Gardening Club looks after. All teachers and classroom assistants are involved, and the children in Shinka class now take the banana peels to the compost once a week as part of their learning about recycling.  PATO thanks Natasha for her wonderful initiative and all the teachers, staff and Shinka class who help make this a success! Natasha’s effort inspired PATO to develop this annual award.

We hope that you like the PATO Green Futures Award, please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. We have prepared a nomination form for you to nominate of CDC and SAP teachers, staff, and classrooms that do something special to be environmentally friendly.