OCNC 2024 Application


Deadline for application: January 31, 2024. 

To apply for the OIST Computational Neuroscience Course, fill in the webform below. The course is primarily targeted to PhD students and postdocs with at least basic neuroscience knowledge, both theoretical and experimental candidates are encouraged to apply. Exceptionally we also accept master students who already received some relevant training. Students are expect to work on a personal project during the course, we therefore request that you enter a fairly detailed project proposal.

Don't close this window immediately after pressing 'submit'. Wait until you get a page acknowledging the submission. You should also get an email confirming that your submission has been successful. If you submit the form again, your first submission will be overwritten. 

Travel support: at present no funds are available for general travel support. We hope to be able to give full travel support to one student from a developing country. 

Tuition fee: there is no tuition fee. Students receive free accommodation and meals.

Decision​: your application will be reviewed and decision letters will be e-mailed by end of March.

Data use​: if you propose to use data from your own lab or from collaborators for your project you commit to giving your supervising tutor access to this data. Confidentiality will be fully respected. 



Personal Information

This will allow us to make appropriate room assignments.
We need this information for visa purposes.
Very exceptionally we can support full travel cost for candidates from developing countries but then you need to follow strict rules on travel.
If you said yes to the question above, please explain why.
Which airport will you depart from?


Please include all details necessary to reach you by postal mail.
If you are a student or postdoc please enter the full name of your advisor. If you are independent please give name of the advisor for your highest degree.
We do not request letters of recommendation but may contact your current advisor if we need additional information.

Education and Professional Background

List colleges or universities you have attended, listing year of graduation and field of study.
List published papers and/or preprint submissions on public archives. Include full bibliographic information, and a URL, if possible. If you have 5 publications or less, list them all or enter 'none'. Please do not list submitted publications or dissertations.
Please specify field, experimental preparation, laboratory, etc. (max 200 words)
Please describe previous computational neuroscience experience and indicate your level of expertise. (max 200 words)
Briefly describe your math expertise and your fluency with different informatics resources. (max 200 words)
(max 200 words)

About the Course

Describe your personal research interest(s) and how they relate to computational neuroscience. (max 300 words)
Why do you want to attend the Okinawa Course in Computational Neuroscience? (max 200 words)

Student Project

You will be expected to work on a personal project under supervision of a tutor. About half of your time at OCNC will be spent on this project. Therefore we consider the ability to define and describe a sensible and interesting project an important selection criterion. However, if accepted to the course, you are not required to do exactly what you describe below. Depending on the progress of your research at the start of the course or upon any advice from your tutor, you may adapt your project during the course.


There will be tutor support available for the listed software packages. If you want to use another package we may not be able to give you support if you are not already familiar with it.
Give a detailed description of the planned student project. Say why you want to do this, whether you have the necessary data etc. and why you want to use a particular software tool for this. In general we advise that this should be different from your current work, so that you can learn something new. An exception is if you think that OCNC can give supervision for your current work that is not available at your institute. (300 words maximum)
We would like to occasionally send you additional information about OIST programs and workshops. Your email will not be given to outside parties. How you answer this questions has no bearing on your application.