Link for OCNC2022Timetable, Weekly program(Week1, Week2, Week3), Tutor assignment

Link for OIST Seaside House Floor Map / Facility

  • All the lectures take place in the Seminar Room, OIST Seaside House unless otherwise indicated.
  • Meetings with faculty take place in Meeting room 2
  • Student Lounge on 2F: Please feel free to use the space if there is no one(OIST group) inside.

Week 1 (June 13-18) : Methods

Opening sessions: Monday 13

Lectures (9:30-12:30)

  • Tuesday 14: "Modeling biochemical reactions, diffusion and reaction-diffusion systems", Erik De Schutter (OIST)
  • Wednesday 15: "1. Ion channel physiology and the Hodgkin-Huxley model of neuronal activity, 2. Functional optical imaging", Bernd Kuhn (OIST)
  • Thursday 16: "Neural network modeling of cognitive functions", Tomoki Fukai (OIST)
  • Friday 17: "Introduction to modeling neurons", Erik De Schutter (OIST)
  • Saturday 18: "Introduction to reinforcement learning and Bayesian inference", Kenji Doya (OIST)


Tuesday 14
• 14:00-15:00  Introduction of the tutors
• 15:00-17:00  Tutorial: Basic Python (Sergio Verduzco Flores)
• 17:00-18:00  Tutorial: Git (Sebastian Schmitt)
Wednesday 15
• 14:00-16:00   Tutorial: Brian (Sebastian Schmitt)
Thursday 16
• 14:00-16:00   Tutorial: Nest (Razvan Gamanut)
Friday 17
• 14:00-16:00   Tutorial: Neuron (Gabriela Capo Rangel)
• 16:00-18:00   Tutorial: STEPS (Iain Hepburn, Weiliang Chen and Jules Lallouette)

Saturday 18
• 14:00-16:00   Behavioral modeling by PyStan (Kenji Doya, Yuma Kajihara and  Masakazu Taira)

Week 2 (June 20-25): Neurons, Networks and Behavior 1

Lectures (9:30-12:30)

  • Monday 20:"Features of synaptic strength regulation", Yukiko Goda, RIKEN/OIST
  • Wednesday 22: "Neural activity to behavior through dynamics", Devika Narain, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Thursday 23:"Brain oscillations from mathematical mechanistic models to function", Boris Gutkin, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
  • Saturday 25:"Neural Coding", Michael Berry II, Princeton University, USA

Online lectures(16:00-18:00)

  • Monday 20: "Spreading dynamics, homeostasis and learning in neural networks", Viola Priesemann, MPG Göttingen, Germany
  • Friday 24: "Modelling electric brain signals", Gaute Einevoll, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Talks by Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program(TSVP) 10:00-11:00am

  • Tuesday 21: "Collaboration of data science and astronomy: Imaging black hole shadow with the Event Horizon Telescope", Shiro Ikeda, Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan
  • Friday 24:"Theoretical approaches to modeling the activity of (very) large neuronal populations", Leenoy Meshulam, University of Washigton

Campus tours

*This year, in consideration of preventing coronavirus infection, we will visit in small groups.

  • Group1: Tuesday 21, 14:20-17:00pm
  • Group2: Wedesday 22, 14:20-17:00pm

Week 3 (June 27-29): Neurons, Networks and Behavior 2


  • Monday 27: "Brain–DNN representational homology and its applications to brain decoding", Yukiyasu Kamitani, Kyoto University, Japan (online)
  • Tuesday 28: "Decisions, movements and diverse cell types", Anne Churchland (Cold Spring Harbor Labs, USA)
  • Wednesday 29: "Understanding human behavior through the neural model of decision and learning", Saori C. Tanaka, ATR, Japan

Wednesday, 29 June: Final presentation by Students(14:00-17:00)

Faculty-Students meetings

  • Thursday 16 (16:00-18:00): Meeting with Dr. Erik DeSchutter
  • Saturday 18 (16:00-17:30): Meeting with Dr. Kenji Doya
  • Monday 20 (13:30-14:30): Meeting with Dr. Yukiko Goda
  • Thursday 23 (14:00-16:00): Meeting with Dr. Boris Gutkin
  • Thursday 23 (16:00-18:00): Meeting with Dr. Bernd Kuhn
  • Friday  24 (14:00-16:00): Meeting with Dr. Devika Narain
  • Saturday  25 (14:00-16:00): Meeting with Dr. Michael Berry
  • Tuesday 28 (14:00-16:00): Meeting with Dr. Anne Churchland
  • Tuesday 28 (16:00-18:00): Meeting with Dr. Saori C. Tanaka