Minimizing Resources for Quantum Tasks: Error Correction and Algorithms


Friday, January 26, 2024 - 10:30 to 11:30


Center Building B503


26 January 2024

Title: Minimizing Resources for Quantum Tasks: Error Correction and Algorithms

Speaker: Mr. Ariel Shlosberg, University of Colorado Boulder/JILA

Abstract of Talk: Quantum error correction is a necessary step in achieving quantum advantage, but only recently has more emphasis been placed on fault-tolerant circuit design. After applying error correction, we’re still left with a finite error rate, so the objective is to minimize the physical resources required to achieve a desired logical algorithmic error rate. I will discuss fault-tolerant simulation of the Bacon-Shor code and discuss how implementation meta-parameters play a role in determining code psuedo-thresholds. Another approach for decreasing the number of required quantum resources is to make improvements to the protocols and algorithms necessary for performing quantum tasks. I will discuss our work on using adaptive strategies for estimating expectations of quantum observables to minimize the number of resource states (sample complexity) in the estimation process.

Profile of Speaker: Ariel Shlosberg is a PhD student at the Department of Physics of the University of Colorado Boulder and at JILA. He has worked in a variety of quantum-information areas, including fault-tolerance, quantum networks, quantum Shannon theory, and machine learning for adaptive measurement strategies. In the past year, he has been collaborating with a high-dimensional QKD experiment at UCLA and interned at Microsoft to work on logical error-rate estimation in the continuous-time regime.

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