Student profiles

Casapao profile
Joshua Carlo Aparicio Casapao
NetQ PhD student

I obtained both my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in physics from the University of the Philippines Diliman, where I mainly focused on entanglement detection theory. I also received a pre-PhD diploma in condensed matter and statistical physics from the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Currently, I am working on the XZZX surface code. Outside physics, I enjoy reading anything about history and economics, playing PC and console games, as well as restaurant-hopping.

Shin profile
Shin Sun
OIST PhD student

Shin received a bachelor degree in Chemistry at National Taiwan University. His research interest lies in the application of near-term quantum computers. After the summer internship at the Institute of Information Science, Academic Sinica, he also learned some basics of theoretical computer science, and his interest with quantum information science was then aroused. He joined NetQ Unit as a PhD student and will investigate more on the fascinating field of quantum network.

Lorenzo profile
Lorenzo La Corte
OIST Research intern

Lorenzo has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Genoa (Italy) and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in the same field. At the same time, he is passionate about quantum information processing and he is keen to improve his skills in areas such as quantum communication and quantum algorithms. He has been practising the art of Taekwondo since childhood and enjoys spending his free time at the dojo. He also likes travelling and making new friends around the world.

Lirabi profile
Golshan Lirabi
OIST Research intern

Golshan is an undergraduate physics student at the Sharif University of Technology. She is interested in quantum algorithms and is looking for a mentor to improve her research skills. She has also worked on the topic of modeling cardiac myocytes and LC polarization rotators. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and participating in book clubs. She is also interested in rock and cave climbing and welcomes new adventures with open arms.

Wang profile
Zherui (Jerry) Wang
OIST Research intern

Zherui (Jerry) Wang holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a Master's degree in Quantum Computing from TU Delft. His wide-ranging interests within quantum information processing encompass areas such as quantum internet, quantum error correction, and quantum machine learning. In his spare time, Zherui enjoys sports like basketball and the game of Go. He's also an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves traveling, hiking, and swimming. When indoors, he enjoys immersing himself in the world of the Legend of Zelda, his favorite video game. One of Zherui's other passions is food - he's always on the lookout for tasty dishes from all around the world. He's excited to dive deeper into quantum information processing in the group.

Noah profile
Noah Kaufmann
OIST Research intern

Noah studied Mechanical Engineering for his Bachelor's degree, working on airplanes capable of transitioning from underwater to air. For his Master's, he remained at ETH Zurich but shifted his focus more towards Physics, obtaining a degree in Quantum Engineering. His thesis concentrated on noise characterization protocols. He enjoys outdoor sports in the mountains, particularly skiing and cycling, and is thrilled to live by the sea, where he can play beach volleyball and surf.