[Seminar] 'Quantum computing with optical tweezer trapped arrays of neutral atoms' by Dr Ratnesh Kumar Gupta


Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - 16:00 to 17:00


on Zoom


Title: Quantum computing with optical tweezer trapped arrays of neutral atoms

Speaker: Dr Ratnesh Kumar Gupta, 5th Quantum Institute, University of Stuttgart, Germany

The global pursuit of developing a fully functional quantum computer is intensifying, with various underlying physical principles under exploration for achieving scalability and practical problem-solving capabilities. While the most effective approach remains undetermined, recent advancements in quantum logic gates utilizing Rydberg atoms position them competitively alongside ion traps and superconductors within the quantum computing landscape. Rydberg atoms, characterized by highly excited states, exhibit strong and controllable interactions with external electromagnetic field as well as neighboring Rydberg atoms, forming the basis for rapid quantum logic gates. This project aims to advance the field by realizing a quantum computer demonstrator with individually controlled Rydberg atoms, aiming to compete with established platforms. Leveraging excitation to Rydberg states enables rapid switching of interactions, facilitating fast and high-fidelity gate operations within an optical tweezer architecture. The project explores novel aspects, including the potential to dynamically reshuffle the qubit array during quantum computations.

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