[Seminar] 'Optical tweezers: from space to the nanoscale… and back' by Prof. Onofrio M. Maragò


Tuesday, February 21, 2023 - 16:50 to 17:30


on Zoom


Speaker: Prof. Onofrio M. Maragò
Director of CNR-IPCF, Istituto Processi Chimico-Fisici (Messina), Italy

Title: Optical tweezers: from space to the nanoscale… and back

Optical tweezers are powerful tools based on focused laser beams. They are able to trap, manipulate and investigate a wide range of micro and nanoscopic particles in different media, such as liquids, air, and vacuum. After an introduction to optical forces, I will give an overview of results on optical trapping and characterization of particles at the nanoscale. Furthermore, I will describe how optical tweezers can be used to trap and characterize extraterrestrial particulate matter. 

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