[Seminar] 'Exploiting light scattering for imaging and computing' by Prof. Sylvian Gigan


Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 16:30 to 17:30


on Zoom


Title: Exploiting light scattering for imaging and computing

Speaker: Dr. Sylvain GIGAN
Professor, Physics department, Sorbonne Université, Kastler-Brossel Laboratory (ENS, Sorbonne U., CNRS, Collège de France)

Light propagation in complex media, such as paint, clouds, or biological tissues, is a very challenging phenomenon, encompassing fundamental aspects in mesoscopic and statistical physics. It is also of utmost applied interest, in particular for imaging. Wavefront shaping has revolutionized the ability to image through or in complex media.
In this seminar, I will discuss how computational tools and machine learning allows to develop further wavefront shaping for imaging applications, and conversely discuss how the same complexity can be leveraged for optical computing tasks.


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