Seminar : Search for spin liquids in three-dimensional materials


2020年8月25日 (火) 16:00 17:00




Title : Search for spin liquids in three-dimensional materials

Speaker : Prof. Harald O. Jeschke from Okayama University

Abstract : 

Highly frustrated magnetic materials may display features of classical or quantum spin liquids. However, such exotic states are hard to identify experimentally. In this seminar, I will discuss how electronic structure calculations can contribute to this problem by establishing reliable information about magnetic Hamiltonians and thus providing a link between crystal structure information and powerful theoretical techniques like pseudo-Fermion functional renormalization group (PFFRG) calculations. I will illustrate this approach in a number of materials: Lu2Mo2O5N2 is a rare material with a S=1/2 pyrochlore lattice and has a third nearest neighbor coupling that stabilizes rather than weakens a paramagnetic state. The hyperkagome antiferromagnet PbCuTe2O6​ can be established as a quantum spin liquid candidate based on excellent agreement between inelastic neutron scattering and PFFRG calculations. The physical picture for the classical spiral spin liquid MnSc2S4 can be substantially refined based on a new set of interactions. The investigation of several chromium based spinels with a breathing pyrochlore lattice indicates their proximity to various classical spin liquid phases, with longer-range Heisenberg Hamiltonian interactions playing a prominent role.


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