Past Events

English for Academic Email Correspondence - Salutations

2022年3月18日 (金) 15:00 16:00

Is it Dear Smith, Dear John, Dear John Smith, Dear Doctor John Smith, Dear Professor Smith, Honourable Professor Smith OR Dear Sir?

First impressions are important in writing too. Join us as we discuss how to address people you know and those you do not. We will look at titles and learn how to make it clear who the email is intended for.

International Schools virtual webinar

2022年3月16日 (水) 18:00 19:30

Virtual webinar with representatives from two area international schools: OCSI and Hope Academy

When: Wednesday, March 16, 1800-1930

Where: Zoom (click for link to register)

Target Audience: OIST parents/guardians/curious community members

Business English communication Skills - Useful Email language

2022年3月9日 (水) 15:00 16:00

Version up your workplace English!

Ten zoom classes for basic/pre-intermediate business English.

March 9th (More) Useful Email language follow up Emails.

English for Writing Research Papers - Sentence Structure 1 of 3 (CANCELLED)

2022年2月25日 (金) 11:00

The best writers have a few basic guidelines for making their sentences easy to read.

Join us to find out the rules for writing simple, easy to read sentences that will provide the clarity reviewers are looking for.

English for Academic Email Correspondence - Subject lines

2022年2月18日 (金) 15:00 16:00

What separates your email's subject line from other spam type emails?

In this seminar we will look at what makes a good subject line, how we can maximise the way it is seen in email software and how we can make it more meaningful for the reader.

Academic Speaking Skills - Participating in small group discussions

2021年11月19日 (金) 15:00

This seminar is aimed at interns and students hoping to practice their conversation skills

Academic Presenting Skills - Why you should write out your speech part 2

2021年11月12日 (金) 15:00

This seminar is aimed at interns, students and researchers who ware presenting at International conferences.

Academic Speaking Skills - Using Transition Phrases in Presentations

2021年11月5日 (金) 15:00

This language seminar is aimed at Interns and Students who want to make their presentations flow better.

Survival Japanese: Official Documents

2021年11月5日 (金) 12:00

Learn how to get your juminhyo at the Village Office, how to dispose of large garbage, how to get a package redelivered, how to make a bank transfer, and how to send an international package.

No Japanese experience necessary!

Watch the videos at this link, then join us on Zoom for more practice (Meeting link:

Academic Presenting Skills - Why you should write out your speech part 1

2021年10月29日 (金) 15:00 16:00

Do you start preparing for a presentation by creating your slides first or your script first? Join us to find out why you should start with a script and how to go about doing it.