Past Events

“QuickFix: Using LinkedIn to achieve your goals”

2019年9月12日 (木) 12:00 13:00

“QuickFix”- learn how to use LinedIn in an interactive and a time-efficient manner! 

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“QuickFix: Developing LinkedIn profile”

2019年8月29日 (木) 12:00 13:00
For RSVP only

“QuickFix”- improve your on-line LinkedIn profile in an interactive and a time-efficient manner! 

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Study Session: "外部資金獲得に向けた申請戦略と研究計画の作成法" Japanese ONLY

2019年7月30日 (火) 13:30 15:00
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Workshop: "Nature Research Academies: Grant Writing"

2019年7月19日 (金) 9:00 13:00
For RSVP only

This half-day workshop aims to give attendees the necessary skills to successfully compete for grant funding. After the workshop, attendees will be able to identify relevant research questions, find the appropriate grants, and write impressive grant applications to help secure funding for their research.


New Postdoc Orientation

2019年6月6日 (木) 12:00 13:00
C700, Lab 3

Interactive orientation for Postdoctoral Scholars who joint OIST March -May 2019. 

Lecture: "Persuading other people"

2019年5月30日 (木) 12:00 14:00
C700, Lab 3

This lecture offers a rational approach to persuasion that should prove useful both at work and at home!

Everyone is welcome! 

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Workshop: "Making the most of your presentation"

2019年5月29日 (水) 9:00 17:00
Location for RSVP Only

Strong presentation skills are a key to success for researchers and other professionals alike, yet many speakers are at a loss to tackle the task. This workshop proposes a systematic way to prepare and deliver an oral presentation.

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Seminar: "Navigating scholarly publishing in a sea of change"

2019年3月28日 (木) 12:00 13:00
C700, Lab3

This talk provides an overview of these changes and touches on the possible consequences of new initiatives, which can be applied by researchers in their roles as authors, readers, referees and editors. 

Everyone is welcom! No registration is required!

Workshop: "Optimize your Conference Experience"

2019年3月13日 (水) 15:30 16:30
C210, Central Building

Discover how to get the most out of attending an academic or industry conference. 

Everyone is welcome!

Workshop: "Marketing your value in a global environment to advance your career"

2019年3月13日 (水) 14:00 15:00
C210, Central Building

In this workshop, you will learn the strategies for communicating your ideas and brand (your promise of value) in such a way that your constituents want to learn more and can visualize how your innovative attitude will benefit them. 

Everyone is welcome!