Past Events

Workshop: "Marketing your value in a global environment to advance your career"

2019年3月13日 (水) 14:00
C210, Central Building

In this workshop, you will learn the strategies for communicating your ideas and brand (your promise of value) in such a way that your constituents want to learn more and can visualize how your innovative attitude will benefit them. 

Everyone is welcome!

Workshop: "Networking for Nerds"

2019年3月13日 (水) 12:00
C210, Central Building

Discover how networking and self-promotion can enable you to land or even create your dream job from scratch! 

Everyone is welcome! 

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New Postdoc Orientation

2019年3月12日 (火) 12:00
C210, Central Building

Details are coming soon...

Workshop: "Discovering your Strengths". Part 1.

2019年2月26日 (火) 9:00
For RSVP only

Discover your Talens using Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment.

This course will help you better understand yourself and your unique talents. You will learn how to productively apply your talents for greater personal and professional success.

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Career Spotlight: "Adventures of an EntrepreNEUROscientist: lessons I've learned so far"

2019年2月21日 (木) 12:00
C700, Lab3

Join Dr. Leonard Khiroug, Co-founder and CSO at Neurotar Ltd and Adj. Prof. at University of Helsinki for a very informal Q&A about Faculty Career at OIST.

Everyone is welcome!

Seminar: "How to Write a Scientific Paper"

2019年2月21日 (木) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

During the seminar, Dr. Steve Aird, OIST's Technical Editor, will explain techniques for writing scientific manuscripts. The talk focuses on principles and procedures that enable authors to turn research data into a well-composed scientific narrative.

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Workshop: The Presence Zone

2019年2月20日 (水) 9:00
For RSVP only

The Presence Zone is an experiential training  designed to enable participants to access peak performance presence when speaking. Our focus is real-world, ‘on your feet’ learning and integration of taught techniques.

To register CLICK HERE 

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QuickFix: Resume

2019年1月17日 (木) 12:00
For RSVP only.

“QuickFix”- improve your  application materials in an interactive and a time-efficient manner! 

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Seminar: "Precision Medicine or Privileged Medicine? Connecting Biomedical Research to Health Care Practice."

2018年12月17日 (月) 11:00
C016, Lab 1

When developing a drug, biomarker, or treatment approach, how will it actually work in patients, and how will it change the decisions that are made during treatment? Doctors, patients, and other stake holders each have different concerns about the costs/benefits at each stage of a medical treatment, and these concerns are not always effectively met. We focus on these issues in a teaching setting at Brown University (USA) as a lot of the tools for translating research into healthcare are generally relevant to how we do collaborative research.

Seminar: "Rapid pathway prototyping for novel bio-based chemicals: Ginkgo case studies"

2018年12月14日 (金) 16:00
A719, Lab 3

In this Innovation Forum hosted talk, Ginkgo Bioworks Associate Head of Metabolic Engineering, Dr. Massimo Merighi, will discuss several case studies of pathways developed by Ginkgo, in particular one involving the engineering of a substrate co-feed in Escherichia coli, including a history of how this design cycle has evolved over time to take advantage of new technological developments.