Past Events

Round table Discussion: "When to Lean In or Lean Out"

2020年2月14日 (金) 12:00
C210, Central Building

This informal discussion focuses on supporting and promoting women at the workplace. Please join us and learn how!



Workshop: "Nature Research Academies: Cover Letter to the Editor"

2020年2月6日 (木) 9:00
For RSVP only

This half-day workshop aims to give attendees the necessary skills to successfully write a Cover letter to the editors. After the workshop, attendees will have completed a cover letter that they will be able to use when submitting their manuscripts to a target journal.


Interactive Lecture: "Maximizing your contribution within a High Performing Team".

2020年1月16日 (木) 12:00
C700, Lab 3.

This lecture will give you an understanding of how to communicate and optimise individual and collective effectiveness within a team, in the context of both OIST and future employment.  


Workshop: "High Performing Teams, how can I make a real impact?"

2020年1月15日 (水) 13:00
For RSVP only.

What is a high-performing team? You will get an answer during the participative and practical workshop by Belbin (Cambridge, UK). By using Belbin Team Roles as the framework, you will understand what makes performing teams and high performing team-members. 



QuickFix: Writing Cover Letter

2019年12月17日 (火) 12:00
For RSVP only

“QuickFix”- improve your  application materials in an interactive and a time-efficient manner! 

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Last year ost-workshop survey SUMMARY

QuickFix: Crafting effective Resume

2019年12月5日 (木) 12:00
For RSVP only

“QuickFix”- improve your  application materials in an interactive and a time-efficient manner! 

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Last year post-workshop survey SUMMARY

3-day Leadership and Management Skills Course for Researchers

2019年11月20日 (水) (All day) から 2019年11月22日 (金) (All day)
President's House, OIST

3-day Science Leadership and Management course provided by highly sought after trainers from  hfp consulting. A course Certificate is available upon completion. 


Post-course survey  SUMMARY from 2018



Teaching Naked: How moving technology out of your college room will improve student learning

2019年11月15日 (金) 12:00
C209, Central Building OIST

New technology can increase student preparation and engagement between classes and create more time for the in-class dialogue. Students already use online content, but you can design better ways for them to interact with material before every class. Come and learn how!



QuickFix: Optimizing Academic CV

2019年11月12日 (火) 12:00
For RSVP only

“QuickFix”- improve your academic CV in an interactive and a time-efficient manner! 

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Post-event survey SUMMARY


New Postdoc Info Session

2019年11月6日 (水) 12:00
For RSVP only

Interactive orientation for Postdoctoral Scholars who joint OIST June -October 2019.