Past Events

Webinar: "Nature Research Academies: Grant Writing. Before you begin"

2020年6月2日 (火) 13:00

These two 2-hrs webinar series aim to give attendees the necessary skills to successfully compete for grant funding. After the workshop, attendees will be able to identify relevant research questions, find the appropriate grants, and write impressive grant applications to help secure funding for their research.

A registration link will be provided.

E-Workshop: "What can your time do for you?"

2020年5月28日 (木) 13:00
Zoom meeting.

Discover your productivity style and time management strategies to achieve your ambitious goals.

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Interactive Webinar: "Career Planning in a Crisis"

2020年5月13日 (水) 12:00
GoTo Meeting

In this webinar, we will discuss the strategy and tactics of career planning during a crisis, the foundation of which is you being resourceful, and as helpful as you can.

Everyone is welcome! Click HERE to register.

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Interactive Webinar: "Effective Visual Communication of Science"

2020年4月23日 (木) 13:00
Zoom meeting

"Effective Visual Communication of Science" will teach you how to effectively communicate your own scientific ideas and results by applying best visual communication practices.  As a bonus, you will be able to give and receive feedback on your own figures.

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Workshop: "Discovering your Strengths"

2020年3月25日 (水) 9:00
For RSVP only

Discover your Talents using Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment.

This course will help you better understand yourself and your unique talents. You will learn how to productively apply your talents for greater personal and professional success.

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Researcher Appreciation Week!

2020年3月2日 (月) (All day) から 2020年3月6日 (金) (All day)

Organized by ORC, sponsored and supported by Postdoc Development @ FAO

Workshop : "学生のやる気を引き出すアクティブラーニングを実現するための授業デザインと技法" Japanese ONLY.

2020年2月27日 (木) 13:00
For RSVP only.





Round table Discussion: "When to Lean In or Lean Out"

2020年2月14日 (金) 12:00
C210, Central Building

This informal discussion focuses on supporting and promoting women at the workplace. Please join us and learn how!



Workshop: "Nature Research Academies: Cover Letter to the Editor"

2020年2月6日 (木) 9:00
For RSVP only

This half-day workshop aims to give attendees the necessary skills to successfully write a Cover letter to the editors. After the workshop, attendees will have completed a cover letter that they will be able to use when submitting their manuscripts to a target journal.


Interactive Lecture: "Maximizing your contribution within a High Performing Team".

2020年1月16日 (木) 12:00
C700, Lab 3.

This lecture will give you an understanding of how to communicate and optimise individual and collective effectiveness within a team, in the context of both OIST and future employment.  


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