Past Events

Workshop: "Nature Research Academies: Grant Writing"

2018年5月16日 (水) 9:00 17:00
For registered participants only

This one-day workshop aims to give attendees the necessary skills to successfully compete for grant funding in Japan. After the workshop, attendees will be able to identify relevant research questions, find the appropriate grants, and write impressive grant applications to help secure funding for their research.


Workshop: "Effective Visual Communication of Science"

2018年3月22日 (木) (All day)2018年3月23日 (金) (All day)
For registered participants only

"Effective Visual Communication of Science: how to visualize your scientific ideas and help your audience effortlessly grasp the essence of your research". This 2 day workshop is especially valuable for PostDocs, PhD students and other researchers who have to communicate complex ideas and results

Registration is required. Space is limited to 24 participants. Priority will be given to Postdocs.

Click HERE to register.

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Seminar: "Why Capable People Suffer from Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It"

2018年3月13日 (火) 12:00 13:30
C209, Central Building

Millions of people around the world secretly worry they’re not as smart or talented as other people “think” they are. The so-called Impostor Syndrome impacts both men and women in a variety of disciplines and is especially rampant in academia. This special seminar will teach you what Impostor Syndrome is, how to recognize and handle it. 

This Session is for Researchers, OIST Staff  and Faculty Members ONLY. Seminar for Graduate Students will be held later in the afternoon.


Workshop: "Discovering your Strengths"

2018年2月28日 (水) 9:00 12:00
Location is only for registered attendees

Discover your Strengths using Gallup StrengthFinder Assessment.

This course will help you better understand yourself and your unique talents. You will learn how to productively apply your talents for greater personal and professional success.


Seminar: "How to Write a Scientific Paper"

2018年2月26日 (月) 10:00 11:30
C210 - Ctr Bldg

During the seminar, Dr. Steve Aird, OIST's Technical Editor, will explain techniques for writing scientific manuscripts. The talk focuses on principles and procedures that enable authors to turn research data into a well-composed scientific narrative.


Panel Discussion :"A Dialogue between Editor and Reviewers"

2018年2月20日 (火) 16:00 17:30
C210 - Ctr Bldg

Join a lively discussion panel about scientific peer-reviews and editorial process for publication. The panel consists of a former Senior Editor and 3 Reviewers / OIST Faculty members.

Everyone is welcome! No registration is required!

Workshop: "Set Achievable Goals to Fill Skill Gaps "

2018年2月13日 (火) 13:00 14:30
C700, Lab3

This is Part 2 of "Your Scientific Skills" workshop series.

Once you identify your skills and learn how to communicate them in a job application, it is important to develop a strategy and come up with several achievable goals. This workshop is designed to help you to make your job search more structured and less stressful process.


Workshop: "Identifying and Communicating Your Research Skills"

2018年2月13日 (火) 9:30 11:00
C209, Central Building

This is Part 1 of "Your Scientific Skills" workshop series.

How does your science PhD training translate into skills that are valued by an employer beyond academia? Come to the Part 1 of the "Your Scientific Skills" workshop series to find out the ways to communicated these skills to your future employer.


Workshop: "Aligning Expectations with a Research Supervisor"

2018年2月1日 (木) 9:30 11:30
C700, Lab3

This workshop will focus on how to clarify and align your expectation with the current supervisor. The skills you will learn at this workshop could be easily transferable to teams and collaborators.


Workshop: "Mastering Difficult Conversations and Resolving Conflict"

2018年1月30日 (火) 9:00 12:00
B503, Lab1

This workshop will teach you how to find benefits of a conflict and to resolve a difficult interpersonal situation.