New Wiley Online Books are now available!

Wiley Online Books

The Library is pleased to announce that OIST now has unlimited access to over 22,000 high-quality ebooks from Wiley! This collection will be available until March 14th, 2022. The entire list of available titles is attached below.

These books include brand-new titles to all the subjects that Wiley covers, and can be downloaded to your e-reader of choice with no DRM restrictions :)

How to Access:


All of OIST's available e-resources can always be found here: E-Resources

About Wiley Online Books

  • Wiley Online Books provide over 22,000 monographs, handbooks, dictionaries, companions and landmark book series.

  • Wiley Online Books cover wide range of subjects such as Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Computer Science and Information Technology, Humanities, Mathematics & Statistics, Political Science, Social Sciences and so on.

  • No DRM restrictions on downloading and printing

  • Flexible access 24/7

  • Reference linking with other E-Books and E-Journal through CrossRef

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