[Library] OISTIR will be affected during the system update

OISTIR uses the JAIRO Cloud for the institutional repository platform. From June 1st, this system will have a major update, and the OISTIR will be affected during this update.

  • 2021/6/1 (Tue) ~ 2021/8/1 (Sun)

The content is available to view but no content will be added or updated.

  • 2021/8/2 (Mon) ~ 2021/8/5 (Thu)

OISTIR will not be accessible.

  • 2021/8/6 ( Fri ) TBD

OISTIR will resume with the new system.

*Usage statistics will not be reflected immediately but sequentially updated incrementally.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


OISTの機関リポジトリプラットフォームであるJAIRO Cloudが、6月1日から大規模なシステムアップデートを実施するのに伴い、OISTIRの利用について下記の制限がかかります。

  • 2021/6/1 (火) 19時~2021/8/1 (日)


  • 2021/8/2 (月) ~2021/8/5 (木)


  • 2021/8/6 (金) 予定