Warning of fake “Sapporo Medical Journal” website

[October 14, 2020]

We have received information of “FAKE WEBSITE CAUTION NOTICE” from Sapporo Medical University Scholarly Communication Center, so we would like to share it with you.
They have found a fake website of "Sapporo Medical Journal" has been set up on September 23, 2020.
This website is attempting to defraud author their publishing fee from author when they submit their paper.

The Center posted a notice on its campus website (English and Japanese):
English: https://infonavi.sapmed.ac.jp/jpn/informationfailure/5094/
Japanese: https://infonavi.sapmed.ac.jp/jpn/news/news-library/5093/

There is a possibility that such fake websites are spreading recently.
Please be careful for choice of a journal when you submit a paper.

OIST Graduate University Library