From Naha Airport to OIST

Expenses should be on your own. (Transfer allowance will be provided to cover these expenses.)

Ⅰ. Taxi from Naha airport to OIST

From Naha airport to OIST, it might cost JPY 13,000 approximately.

Ⅱ. Highway Bus (#111, #117) "Kousoku Bus" and OIST Shuttle bus (Ishikawa IC Line)

  • Running time of OIST shuttle bus is limitted, especially weekend and late evening. Please make sure to check the OIST shuttle bus timetable as well.

  1. Get on No.111/117 local expressway bus at the airport [MAP] and get off the bus at Ishikawa Interchange.
  2. Please take the free OIST shuttle bus from Ishikawa IC to come to OIST.  Wait at the highway express busstop: the OIST bus comes to the same place.  The OIST shuttle bus is white with OIST red logo.
  • Please find Easy Timetable (weekdays only) with the information about connection buses.
  • Local bus drivers do not speak English: Please print this sign (To Ishikawa IC (PDF) and show it to the drivers.

        Highway bus (#111, #117): about 1,400JPY
             *Pay in cash. They have change from small bills, but note that you cannot pay with 10,000JPY/5,000JPY bills nor credit card.
        OIST Shuttle bus: Free


Local Expressway (#111, #117)
OIST Shuttle bus (Ishikawa IC Line)


* In case you missed the last OIST shuttle bus, you may also take a taxi from Ishikawa IC to OIST, which will cost about 1,600 JPY from Ishikawa IC to OIST.

*Taxi Service Near OIST: call a taxi

Nearest phone booth from Ishikawa IC is located at the LAWSON convenience store; visible about 150 meters west. You may be able to use free Wi-Fi here.


Ⅲ. Local Bus #120 "Nago Nishi Kuukou Sen" Line

In case you arrive after the last OIST shuttle bus from Ishikawa IC, this can be an alternative route.
If you have large bags, please consider the above Highway bus & taxi.

  1. Bus #120 leaves from Naha Airport bus stop. It takes about 2.5 hours get to OIST and the fare is about 1,500 JPY.
  2. For the OIST Main Campus, get off at the bus stop "Daigakuin Daigaku Mae 大学院大学前" and walk 15 minutes up the hill.


Local Bus #120 (* Please use #120, not #20.)


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