Student Grievance Policy


OIST aims to deal with student complaints and grievances in a transparent and professional manner, and will at all times follow principles of procedural fairness.

The Student Grievance Policy delineates the formal process for students seeking to pursue a complaint or grievance about decisions or actions of OIST staff in matters related to academic progress, suspension or dismissal, administrative procedure and decisions, and provision of resources. The Student Grievance Policy provides timeframes for Graduate School response, and allows for appeal through the Graduate School General Appeals Procedure and external avenues of mediation.


Application and Scope

The Student Grievance Policy applies to all students enrolled at OIST, irrespective of their place of residence or their mode of study.

The Student Grievance Policy does not apply to students seeking to make a complaint against another student or group of students. Such matters must be addressed through the Student Conduct Policy.


Minimization of disadvantage

i) Every effort will be made to ensure no student will be disadvantaged as a result of the application of the Student Grievance Policy or its procedures

ii) If deemed required or appropriate, accommodation will be provided to ensure all elements of the policy and its procedures are readily accessible to all parties, including in need the provision of interpreters/translators, for example


Principles of Resolution

i) In addressing student complaints and grievances, as much as is possible and appropriate, the Graduate School prioritizes local, informal and early resolution

ii) All student complaints and grievances will be addressed in line with the General Appeals Procedure


Policy Obligations

i) All matters dealt with under this policy are treated with the strictest confidentiality Information and records will be provided only to those directly involved

ii) All parties will act in good faith; comply with University procedures, and not obstruct OIST Staff fulfilling their prescribed duties

i) All parties involved will immediately disclose any conflict of interest; either potential, perceived or existing


Dismissal of a Complaint or Grievance

Any complaint or grievance found after investigation to be groundless will be summarily dismissed.

Where a complaint or grievance is found to have been unreasonable, retributive, or malicious in intent, the allegation will be dismissed. In such cases the student who reported the complaint or grievance may be found to have committed an act of misconduct under the Student Conduct Policy.


Records of Students Complaints and Grievances

The Graduate School reserves the right to retain records, including the details of the matter, a record of the outcome, and the reason(s) for the outcome of the complaint or grievance.

Where deemed appropriate, records will be entered into the student’s Student Personal Record. Such records are maintained in the strictest confidence by the Graduate School.

Annual reporting to the OIST Executive of student complaints and grievances may be required of the Dean of Graduate School. Such reporting may include the number, nature, and outcome of cases. Reporting is for the purpose of improving OIST practice, policy, and procedure.



Timeframe to resolution may be found in the General Appeals Procedure.


External Mediation

At any time, a student may refer any matter to any other mediation services provided by OIST, including to other investigative processes provided by OIST.


Supplementary Provisions 
This Student Grievance Policy shall come into force from September 1, 2020.  

Supplementary Provisions
This revised Student Grievance Policy shall come into force from May 1, 2022.