Mini Course: R Package Development 1 of 3


2021年9月27日 (月) 10:00 12:00


B701, Computer Lab, Lab 3.


R Package Development aims to provide you with the basic tools and knowledge to write your own high-quality R packages.

Previous courses have taught basic and intermediate-level R programming. During these courses you probably used multiple R packages for a variety of purposes. In this course, we aim to show you how to develop your own R packages. By doing so, you can take your R programming skills to the next level, becoming not just a user, but also a developer.

The course will cover the basic technical aspects of how to create a basic R package, as well as the novelty, documentation and good practices requirements that must be fulfilled in order to publish a package in the main R repositories (CRAN and BioConductor). We will also cover some useful packages and advanced features of R that are commonly used when developing packages. Finally, we will also have a look at how you can increase the visibility of your packages, as well as some specific examples of R packages to demonstrate how the strong ecosystem of R packages greatly increases the scope of application of the language.

▼Target audience
This course is suitable for people who:

  • Have some previous exposure to R (like Skill Pill: R)
  • Want to become active contributors to the R community through package development
  • or Want to learn some advanced features of R

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