Individual Development Plan (IDP) - ***Mandatory for Class 2023***


2023年6月9日 (金) 15:00 16:30


Venue: B700


**This event has been canceled.**


The Professional Career Development program of the OIST Graduate School will work with all new students to prepare and submit your first Individual Development Plan, and set you on the path to greater career success right away!  Your IDP is an ideal launchpad to provide you with the right foundation for further discussions with your mentor and your supervisor as you progress through your degree and grow your career.

This class is required for all new students,  but all students are welcome and encouraged to do this once a year.

Completing an Individual Development Plan annually will help you to

  • Recognize your strengths and also identify areas for improvement​
  • Realize your potential as both a researcher and a research leader ​
  • Improve your ability to work effectively as a student ​
  • Achieve future career success either in academia or beyond


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