3min Pitch Presentation Tips and Falling Walls Lab Briefing


2023年6月16日 (金) 10:30 11:30


Lab3 C700





Are you interested in making your presentations more memorable? Would you like to participate in a global event and give a speech on the big stage?

The Falling Walls Lab events and similar 3min pitch competitions give young researchers the chance to impress the world with their work.

In this briefing session Moe Atwa (recent OIST Graduate; Falling Walls Lab Sendai 2023 winner and global finalist) and Jonas Fischer (Academic Coordinator for Visiting Programs; Falling Walls 2020 Top 10 Winner) will talk about their experiences at the Falling Walls Lab Sendai and the global finals in Berlin. In addition, Izabela Porebska and Theodoros Bouloumis of OIST’s Orators Club will share their experiences from Falling Walls, “3 Minute Thesis”, and similar events.

The main part of the session will be on general methods and tips to make your presentations more engaging.

Finally, we will explain how to apply for the Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2023 on July 25th, which will be co-hosted by OIST, and the planned practice sessions in June and July.
However, there is no need to apply for the actual Falling Walls Lab in order to join this briefing session. Feel free to join if you are interested in the topic in general, or thinking about joining the Falling Walls Lab competition or a similar event in the future. Open to all students, postdocs, and employees at OIST.


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