Academic Plan

Academic Plan for New Students

Background of the Student

The following sections on prior courses and research experience are included for the purpose of summarizing the background information to the Graduate School and the Mentor.

Laboratory Rotation

Discuss with your Mentor for your Laboratory Rotation Units.


In below boxes, please type FOUR units for your in-field and TWO units for your out-of-field; in your priorities. If you have more units you would like to select, please write the unit names in “Remarks”.

Information about each laboratory may be found online at

Information on Availability of PhD Places in Research Units can be found at online:

Constraints: Your choice of laboratories will be honored as far as possible; however, please bear in mind that not all requests may be accommodated due to the availability of faculty members and space. The laboratories of adjunct professors are not normally available for laboratory rotations.

This selection is not binding, as the OIST program allows for flexibility and a change of your preferred units as you move through the program.

In-field Unit
Type FOUR your in-field units in order of your priority.
Out-of-field Unit
Type TWO your out-of-field units in order of your priority.

Instructions for Course Selection

  • Refer to the course list and course timetable for the course contents and the term offered. While this is correct at the time of this survey, changes will be made to course availability from time to time.
    UPDATED August 7 2020

  • Only nominate Elective courses on this form. 

  • A maximum of two Elective courses per term is recommended considering the balance between course work and lab work. You may choose one or none to tailor your program as needed.

  • Credit requirements for Electives: 20 credits of electives for Bachelor degree holders, a minimum of 10 for higher degree holders (Master's degree or above). Mentors may recommend to GS that you receive a waiver of 1-10 credits, depending on your level of preparation for the desired research plan.  Contact Curriculum and Programs Section at for discussion about transfer credits and credit waivers, before you submit this form.

  • Please list sufficient courses to cover your full credit requirements. 

  • Plan a program of courses that complement what you already know and develops your knowledge in the core area more fully in consideration of your background, aims, and intentions at OIST.  Consider taking some basic courses outside your specialization to better prepare you for collaborative and interdisciplinary work.
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