Past Events


Security of Discrete-Modulated Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution

2023年10月10日 (火) 13:30 14:30
Center Building B503

Speaker: Dr. Stefan Baeuml, Institute of Photonic Sciences


Seminar "Intraspecific life-history diversity in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and its consequences for sustainable exploitation" by Prof. Mikko Heino (University of Bergen)

2023年10月10日 (火) 11:00 12:00
L4E48 (Lab4 Seminar Room) & Zoom

Seminar by Prof. Mikko Heino (Univ. of Bergen). All are welcome to attend.



2023年10月9日 (月) 14:00 16:00
アイム・ユニバース てだこホール 大ホール(沖縄県浦添市仲間1-9-3)

ノーベル賞シーズン・スペシャルトーク 2022年ノーベル生理学・医学賞受賞 スバンテ・ペーボ教授講演会 「デニソワ人とネアンデルタール人―私たちに受け継がれる遺伝子」


スポーツの日 Sports Day

2023年10月9日 (月) 0:00

National holiday



2023年10月7日 (土) 14:00 16:00

ノーベル賞シーズン・スペシャルトーク 2022年ノーベル生理学・医学賞受賞 スバンテ・ペーボ教授講演会 「デニソワ人とネアンデルタール人―私たちに受け継がれる遺伝子」



2023年10月5日 (木) 15:00 17:00
B700 Grad School

Guest Speaker Prof Tom Froese

"Papers, Grants, and Writing"


EVSP Talk: "Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: our experience with an alternative model organism" by Daniel Chourrout

2023年10月5日 (木) 14:30 15:45
B250 (Center), Zoom

Our knowledge of modern biology is based on the study of just a handful of species, which, due to technological investments that have been made, have become increasingly unavoidable. Neglecting, sometimes forgetting, almost all other life forms has been a consequence of this. The problem seems insoluble, but new scientific disciplines fortunately required moving beyond classic laboratory species. One of them is evo-devo, a fairly recent combination of two traditional disciplines, evolutionary biology and developmental biology. Questions on the evolution of animal development led several of us to choose Oikopleura dioica, a species little known to the general public but of considerable importance in marine ecosystems. The first results were a little shocking, but that was not the end of our surprises…


#2 Study Session for Administrative Staff (English): Research Areas of Science and Technology

2023年10月4日 (水) 14:30 15:30
Lab3 C700

#2 Study Sessions for Administrative Staff (English) : Research Areas of Science and Technology

Speaker: Mizuki Shimanuki, Provost Office. Facilitator: Ayumi Nagai, C-Hub


Seminars on organic and perovskite optoelectronics

2023年10月4日 (水) 14:00 16:30
Seminar Room L4E48

Seminars on organic and perovskite optoelectronics. Registration is NOT requried.


Introduction to HPC and scientific computing - Session 2

2023年10月4日 (水) 13:00 15:00

A beginner's introduction to using the clusters and other computing resources at OIST. This is the second, hands-on session.


[Seminar] "Why is Wolbachia-induced cytoplasmic incompatibility so common?" by Michael Turelli

2023年10月4日 (水) 11:00
Seminar Room C700

Professor Turelli will discuss his fascinating work on Wolbachia, an intracellular bacteria that infects arthropods and develops an amazing diversity of interactions with its various host species.


Wednesdays Morning Yoga with Yasuko

2023年10月4日 (水) 7:30 8:30
Plumeria Room in Gardens

This class is being offered for OIST members only

Please register in advance


The Provost Lecture Series 9

2023年10月3日 (火) 16:00 17:45
Sydney Brenner Lecture Theater B250
Speaker: Professor Hidetoshi Saze, Plant Epigenetics Unit Title: Plant Genomics and Epigenomics Chair: Professor Tadashi Yamamoto, Cell Signal Unit

TSVP Seminar: "An overview of Transseries" by Ines Aniceto

2023年10月3日 (火) 14:00

Discussion seminar, 2pm in L5EF06


Seminar: "Mathematical Models Describing Evolutionary Immune Escapes of Pathogens" by Prof. Akira Sasaki (SOKENDAI)

2023年10月3日 (火) 14:00 14:45
Seminar Room C210 (Center Building) and Zoom

Seminar by Prof. Akira Sasaki (Sokendai). All are welcome to attend.


Introduction to HPC and scientific computing - Session 1

2023年10月2日 (月) 13:00 15:00

This training course will show you how to make best use of the high-performance computing resources at OIST. In the first session we show you how computing clusters are organized and introduce the fundamental concepts of parallel computing.


【Seminar】“High-resolution structures of viruses and their proteins obtained by cryo-EM”

2023年10月2日 (月) 11:00 12:00
C210, Center Bldg


“High-resolution structures of viruses and their proteins obtained by cryo-EM”

Speaker: Dr. Andrei Moiseenko, Professor Olga Sokolova

Moscow Lomonosov State University


TELL Step Up Challenge ・TELLステップアップチャレンジ

2023年10月2日 (月) 11:00 13:00
TELL Step Up Challenge ・ TELL ステップアップチャレンジ

Oct. 2nd (Mon) 11:00-13:00 @Meet at Lab 4 entrance at 11:00

10月2日(月)11:00-13:00   @LAB4入り口に11時集合

Join us in taking action to raise awareness while creating hope. As we remember 21,881 people who lost their lives to suicide last year in Japan, we aim to walk 21,881 steps around the OIST campus.

However, walking isn’t the only option. Whether you’re cycling, swimming, dancing or meditating for 21,881 seconds – whatever you choose to do, it all matters and all are welcome! If you would like your steps/ seconds to be counted, please email Ganjuu so we may collate all our efforts together!

You can register for TELL Step Up Challenge via their website. There is a ¥1,500 sign-up fee, however this is not required to participate. ( ) The campaign aims to raise awareness of mental health issues.

去年、自殺で亡くなった21881名の命を覚え、自殺防止の支援と理解の拡充のため、 OIST のキャンパス内を21881歩、歩くことを目指します。

しかし、歩くこと以外にも、サイクリングや水泳、ダンス、21,881秒の瞑想など、どんなことでも大歓迎です。歩数や秒数のカウントをしてほしい方は、Ganjuuまでメールでご連絡ください。TELL のウェブサイトから登録することも可能ですが ( ) 1500 円の参加費がかかりますので、必須ではありません。



Special Talk - "How the notion of harassment emerged in modern societies" by Dr. CLAUDINE HAROCHE

2023年9月29日 (金) 15:00 16:30

According to the philosophers of the Enlightenment, it is a moral duty to recognize others as equals worth of respect and recognition. Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the Discourse on the origins of inequality and Adam Smith in the Treatise of moral feelings have analyzed the social inequalities and forms of domination which have persisted over the centuries and are still expressed by various kinds of unrespectful and violent behaviors. Sexual harassment whose victims are mostly women is the most conspicuous, but moral bullying, especially in the work place has also emerged as an explicit issue in modern societies, which needs to be seriously dealt with. The respect owed to anyone is not only a matter of moral duty. It has become a right inscribed in laws protecting the potential victims of all kind of harassment. Transforming a moral precept into a legal right is certainly a social progress. It raises however issues which will be discussed in the talk.


IMG Users group meeting

2023年9月29日 (金) 14:00
C016, Lab1

Scientific Imaging Section (IMG) User's group meeting


TSVP Seminar: "Donaldson-Thomas theory for quivers with potential" by Nick Williams

2023年9月28日 (木) 14:00

Discussion seminar, 2pm in L5EF06


[Seminar] MLDS Seminar-8 by Ms. ABEMGNIGNI NJIFON Marianne (Institute of Mathematical Stochastics of the University of Goettingen), Ms. Naghmeh Jamali (Islamic Azad University), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年9月28日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Ms. ABEMGNIGNI NJIFON Marianne (Institute of Mathematical Stochastics of the University of Goettingen)

Title: Graph Convolution Networks for spatial interpolation of correlated data

Speaker 2: Ms. Naghmeh Jamali (Islamic Azad University)

Title: Trustworthy Textual models: Are the textual models robust against various backdoor attacks



2023年9月28日 (木) (All day)2023年9月29日 (金) (All day)

Please address inquiries to the President's Office.


Lecture by Prof. Serge Haroche "Quantum Science with Rydberg Atoms"

2023年9月27日 (水) 14:30 16:00
Seminar Room L4E48, Level E, Lab 4

We are happy to invite you to a lecture by Prof. Serge Haroche . This is a part of our summer school CQD2023, and he will give a talk on Quantum Science with Rydberg Atoms. Target audience: OIST community

Administrative Meeting

POC Program Open Hours

2023年9月27日 (水) 14:00 15:00
OIST Innovation space (Lab 3A)

We have biweekly open hours at OIST Innovation where you can come and talk with us about anything related to the Proof of Concept application process.


Career Talk: "How to write a lot and well" by Shinichi Nakagawa

2023年9月27日 (水) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

My research group has consistently published ~20 papers per year for 15 years, and most of these papers were published in the top 25% of journals (CiteScores) with an average citation of > 100. How did we manage to do this? There are several reasons. In this interactive talk session, I will share one core secret: how to write a lot and well. If you can do it, you are invincible in academia or elsewhere. But how do you do this? You should consider writing a review to transform you into an amazing writer.


Seminar: "Indirect reciprocity under private observation" by Prof. Hisashi Ohtsuki (SOKENDAI)

2023年9月26日 (火) 14:30 15:00
Seminar Room L4F01 (Lab4 F floor)

Seminar by Prof. Hisashi Ohtsuki, SOKENDAI. All are welcome to attend.


TSVP Seminar: "The BPS Riemann-Hilbert problem" by Omar Kidwai

2023年9月26日 (火) 14:00

Discussion seminar, 2pm in L5EF06


Seminar: "Genealogies and ages of cultural traits: An application of the theory of duality to the research on cultural evolution" by Prof. Joe Yuichi Wakano (Meiji University)

2023年9月26日 (火) 14:00 14:30
Seminar Room L4F01 (Lab4 F floor)

Seminar by Prof. Joe Yuichiro Wakano, Meiji University. All are welcome to attend.


Career Talk: "Systematic Reviews for Beginners" by Malgorzata Lagisz

2023年9月26日 (火) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

This interactive workshop is intended for those starting or considering a systematic review-like project. I will provide a quick overview of the systematic review process. The focus will be on the most common traps you may encounter and ways to avoid them. The interactive presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. For example, you may want to ask: "What are the types of reviews and what are they good for?", "What is a great topic for a systematic-like review?", "How long will it take?" etc.


Okinawa School in Physics 2023: Coherent Quantum Dynamics (CQD)

2023年9月26日 (火) (All day)2023年10月5日 (木) (All day)
OIST Seaside House

OIST Workshop | Website | Main organizer: Thomas Busch (Quantum Systems Unit) | OIST members are welcome to attend all scientific sessions (registration required).


Seminar: Venture Finance for Future Entrepreneurs

2023年9月25日 (月) 10:30 12:00
Center Building C209

Join us for an enlightening seminar led by the Frontier Research and Venture Support teams at Nomura Securities, one of Japan’s largest and most prominent financial services companies.


[Seminar] "Single-cell RNAseq approaches of shell-bearing foraminifers provide new insights into understanding marine ecology and evolution" by Prof. Yurika Ujiie

2023年9月25日 (月) 10:30 11:30
L4F01, Lab4

Dr. Yurika Ujiie, Marine Core Research Institute, Kochi University.


秋分の日 Autumnal Equinox Day

2023年9月23日 (土) 0:00

National holiday


The Provost Lecture Series 8

2023年9月22日 (金) 16:00 17:45
Sydney Brenner Lecture Theater B250
Speaker: Professor Christine Luscombe, pi-Conjugated Polymers Unit Title: Making sense of the mess Chair: Professor Gail Tripp, Human Developmental Neurobiology Unit

[Seminar] "Successor Features Representations: Human-inspired Transfer Reinforcement Learning and its Application to Social Robotics" by Dr. Chris Reinke

2023年9月22日 (金) 11:00 12:00

Speaker: Dr. Chris Reinke Inria Grenoble

Title: Successor Features Representations: Human-inspired Transfer Reinforcement Learning and its Application to Social Robotics


[Seminar] MLDS Seminar-7 by Dr. Deborah Sulem (Barcelona School of Economics-UPF), Solaleh Mohammadi (Sharif University of Techonology), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年9月21日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Dr. Deborah Sulem, Postdoctoral Scholar, Barcelona School of Economics- Universitat Pompeu Febra

Title: Scalable and adaptive variational Bayes methods for Hawkes processes

Speaker 2: Ms. Solaleh Mohammadi, PhD Student, Sharif University of Techonology

Title: Semantic backdoor attacks


Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) Workshop* Filled to Capacity

2023年9月20日 (水) 13:00 15:00
Ocean View Room
This Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) workshop will be held September 20th(Wed) from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m at Ocean View Room *Special Offer!!*

The instructor will write your name down in Chinese characters.

*Please apply to this workshop ASAP, Due to I need to share your name ( Name Only ) with the instructor in advance to fit Chinese Characters with your name.


Tancha Beach Cleanup - Call for volunteers

2023年9月19日 (火) 9:002023年9月23日 (土) 10:00
South Tancha Beach, at the bottom of the OIST hill, next to Tanchaya Soba

In the month of September, different organizations around Okinawa are joining forces to carry out an Okinawa-wide trash pick-up initiative. OIST POWER Club and OIST Beach Clean Clubs are joining this initiative to help clean Tancha Beach.


敬老の日 Respect for the Aged Day

2023年9月18日 (月) 0:00

National holiday



2023年9月16日 (土) (All day)2023年9月18日 (月) (All day)




[Seminar] "Horizontal mean curvature flow: a Riemannian approximation" by Prof. Federica Dragoni

2023年9月14日 (木) 16:00 17:00

Speaker: Prof. Federica Dragoni (Cardiff University)

Title: Horizontal mean curvature flow: a Riemannian approximation


[Seminar] MLDS Seminar 2023-6 by Parsa Hosseini (Sharif University of Technology), Laura Sudupe Medinilla (KAUST), Seminar Room L5D23

2023年9月14日 (木) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room L5D23, Lab5

Speaker 1: Mr. Parsa Hosseini, B.S. student, Sharif University of Technology

Title: Mitigating Spurious Correlation in Images by Intervention

Speaker 2: Ms. Laura Sudupe Medinilla, Ph.D. Student, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Title: Spatial profiling in translational research


TELL Intro Talk

2023年9月14日 (木) 11:30 12:00

TELL Intro Talk

September 14th, Thursday 11:30-12:00 @C210

TELL’s half-century of experience has made us acutely aware of the challenges in adequately addressing mental healthcare needs within our international community. Our General TELL Talk is an interactive, 20-minute presentation that covers facts about mental health topics in Japan, including stress, depression, and suicide prevention. The presentation illustrates how TELL is tackling these mental health concerns by introducing the three pillars of our organization: Outreach, Counseling, and our Lifeline. The talk ends with group mindfulness or breathing exercise.

TELL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing world-class, effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community as well as helping to address the country’s growing mental health care needs.

TELL Outreach provides folders or pens and wallet cards with our Lifeline phone number and website, as well as our pledge of confidentiality. The TELL Intro Talk is presented by TELL in the Community.


9月14日(木)11:30-12:00 @C210

TELLは、半世紀にわたる経験から、国際社会におけるメンタルヘルスのニーズに適切に対応することの難しさを痛感しています。今回のTELLトークは、ストレス、うつ病、自殺予防など、日本におけるメンタルヘルスのトピックについて、対話形式で20分間のプレゼンテーションを行います。プレゼンテーションでは、TELLの3つの柱を紹介しながら、TELLがどのようにこれらのメンタルヘルス問題に取り組んでいるかを説明します: アウトリーチ、カウンセリング、そしてライフラインです。講演の最後には、グループでのマインドフルネスや呼吸法が紹介さ れます。


TELLアウトリーチでは、ライフラインの電話番号とウェブサイト、秘密保持の誓約を記載したフォルダーやペン、ウォレットカードを配布しています。TELLイントロ・トークは、TELL in the Communityによって開催されます。


TSVP Talk: "Waves and Resonance: From Musical Instruments to Invisibility Cloaks" by Jon Chapman

2023年9月13日 (水) 15:00
B250 (Center), Zoom

TSVP Talk Language: English (no interpretation). Target audience: General audience / everyone at OIST and beyond. Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration (also via Zoom).


#1 Study Sessions for Administrative Staff (English) : Activities of Researchers

2023年9月13日 (水) 14:30 15:30
Lab3 C700

#1 Study Sessions for Administrative Staff (English) : Activities of Researchers

Speaker: Mizuki Shimanuki, Provost Office. Facilitator: Ayumi Nagai, C-Hub


Suicide Prevention Awareness Events 自殺予防啓発イベント ~Taking care of yourself and each other~ 「自分自身とお互いを大切にしよう」

2023年9月11日 (月) 11:30 13:30
Cafe Area
Suicide Prevention Awareness Events 自殺予防啓発イベント ~Taking care of yourself and each other~ 「自分自身とお互いを大切にしよう」 Monday September 11th, from 11:30-13:30 at Café Area 9月11日(月) 11 時半~ 13 時半、カフェのあたり

【September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month】

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th , Suicide Prevention Week in Japan from 10th -16th September, and R U ok? Day on September 14th , Ganjuu Wellbeing Service will hold a fundraising stall for Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL) on Monday September 11th, from 11:30-13:30 at Café Area . TELL provides suicide prevention lifeline services in Japan, both in English and Japanese. Please join us for some handmade baked goods, read some informative posters, get some TELL materials, and chat with Ganjuu clinicians. All are welcome. We encourage you to wear yellow on that day, to show support for Suicide Prevention Day!

[9 月は自殺防止啓発月間です]

9 月 10 日の「世界自殺予防デー」、9 月 10 日~16 日の「自殺予防週間」、 9月 14 日の「R U ok? デー」にちなんで、 9月11日(月) 11 時半~ 13 時半、カフェのあたり で 東京英語いのちの電話(TELL)のための募金活動を行います。 TELL は日本語と英語両方で自殺予防ホットラインのサービスを提供しています。焼 き菓子をご用意しておりますのでぜひお立ち寄りください。ポスターを読んだり、 TELL のグッズをもらったり、Ganjuu の心理士とお話したりすることができます。 どなたでも大歓迎です。 当日は黄色い服を着て、 自殺予防デーをサポートしましょう!

Up Coming Events

⚫ TELL Talk (Sep. 14th) 11:30-12:00 @C210. Saya from TELL Okinawa will give us a short presentation on their work and share with us their resources.

⚫ TELL Step Up Challenge (Oct. 2nd) 11:00-13:00 @Meet at LAB4 Join us in honoring the 21,881 people who lost their lives to suicide in Japan last year by taking action to raise awareness and funds while creating hope! We will aim to walk 21,881 steps around OIST campus.

⚫ Suicide Prevention Workshop (Nov. 27) 11:00-12:00 @C209 Presented by Nagata from Okinawa Lifeline, to raise awareness about suicide prevention.


⚫ TELL トーク (9 月 14 日) 11:30-12:00 @C210 TELL 沖縄のサヤさんを迎え、TELL 沖縄の活動 や、リソースについてお話していただきます。

⚫ TELL ステップアップチャレンジ (10 月 2 日) 11:00-13:00 @LAB4 前に集合 昨年日本で自殺により命を落とした 21,881 人に 敬意を表し、OIST キャンパス周辺を 21,881 歩 歩くことを目指します。

⚫ 自殺予防ワークショップ (11 月 27 日) 11:00-12:00 @C209 沖縄いのちの電話の長田理事長を講師に迎え、自 殺予防について学びます



Fall 2023 Lean Startup Entrepreneurial Training Program

2023年9月8日 (金) 17:302023年10月5日 (木) 12:00

Learn how to identify commercial opportunities that can emerge from academic research by working on a real technology development case. In this program, participants will use, as case studies, technologies developed at OIST and will apply skills learned in the course to identify potential customers of the technology.

Apply @


[Seminar] "Enzyme Discovery & Engineering to Create Suitable Biocatalysts" by Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer

2023年9月8日 (金) 15:00 16:00
C209, Center Bldg.

Prof. Uwe T. Bornscheuer, Institute of Biochemistry, Dept. of Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis, University of Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany