Past Events


Okinawan Traditional Tea Ceremony (Buku Buku tea)* Filled to Capacity

2023年8月25日 (金) 14:00 16:00
Ocean View Room
What is Buku-Buku tea

Buku-buku tea is a traditional tea of Okinawa with a unique flavour with giant white bubbles rising from the tea bowl and the fragrance of roasted rice. By using a large wooden bowl called "Buku-Buku- Sara" and a large whist to make Buku-Buku tea. There are no rules such as how to make or drink this tea. Just enjoy Okinawan atmosphere. It was considered a summer drink for caring thirst; now, it is a drink in all seasons.Buku-Buku tea was consumed at celebrations, especially to celebrate the beginning of the journey. It is entirely different from the Japanese Tea Ceremony called "Sado". This tea style belongs "Furicha" Group.(f.g Bata-Bata tea from Niigata, Bote-Bote tea from Shimane)



Please contact Rikako Kuwae and send an application email for a waiting list.

OIST SANSHIN LESSON Summer Semester (July 20th ~ October 26th)

2023年8月24日 (木) 18:00 20:15
Plumeria Lounge
Class information Date:July 20th ~ October 26th (Every Thursday) *the classes will be held 12 times. Place:Plumeria Lounge *Up to 6 students per every classes ¥1500 per 1 time (Sanshin rental + ¥500 ) Beginners Class 18:00-19:00

For those who have never played sanshin before or those who used to play but have forgotten how to play Sanshin.

You will be able to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the first class!

In this class, you will be introduced to a brief history of Sanshin and basic skills like how to use a pick, how to hold the Sanshin, and how to read the notes. We will practice the first three songs below for a month to make friends with sanshin J Then gradually move onto Okinawan traditional songs/POP songs. In this class, you will be able to read notes and play:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star(きらきら星) Froggy song(カエルの歌) Orion Beer Song from BEGIN(オジー自慢のオリオンビール) Aha-bushi – Okinawan fork song(安波節) Asadoya-Yunta – Okinawan fork song(安里屋ユンタ) Shimanchunu Takara (Treasure of Islander) from BEGIN(島人の宝) Experienced Class 19:15-20:15

For those who can read Ko-ko-shi (sheet music) easily ♩ This classes are held throughout the year, so you can join each time. Please make a reservation with the instructor by Wednesday, the day before the day you would like to attend class due to the spots are limited.

This is a class for those can reads notes fluently. I take any requests, Okinawan folk songs, POPs, Ryukyuan Classical music, in this class. You will enjoy your favorite songs.

Example of requested songs|リクエスト曲の例:

・Nada soso(涙そうそう)

・Sanshin no Hana(三振の花)


・Songs for Eisa (Okinawan traditional drum dance) (エイサー曲)

・Onna-bushi (Ryukyuan classical song)(恩納節)

etc. *Please kindly understand that the last class date may changed depending on the instructor's availability.


TSVP Seminar: "WKB for \(\mathcal{q}\)-difference equations" by Fabrizio Del Monte

2023年8月24日 (木) 14:00

TSVP Seminar: "WKB for \(\mathcal{q}\)-difference equations" by Fabrizio Del Monte Informal discussion session


Cancelled [Seminar] Natural analogues provide valuable insights on the potential mechanisms for fish adaptation and acclimation in the face of changing ocean conditions

2023年8月23日 (水) 10:00
Lab4 L4F01 Seminar Room

Speaker: Dr. Davide Spatafora, Shimoda Marine Research Centre (SMRC), Tsukuba University, Shimoda City, Shizuoka, Japan

Hosted by: Professor Timothy Ravasi, OIST Marine Climate Change Unit

Abstract: Natural analogues are characterized by temporal and spatial environmental fluctuations and are home to pre-adapted ‘biodiversity’ (e.g., organisms chronically exposed to high CO 2 conditions). Therefore, these spots provide a unique opportunity to investigate the ability of the fish to acclimate or adapt to future ocean conditions thus informing us about how they may adjust in a future world. (...)


TSVP Seminar: "Quantum phase transition and Resurgence: Lessons from 3d \(\mathcal{N}=4\) SQED" by Masazumi Honda

2023年8月22日 (火) 14:00

TSVP Seminar: "Quantum phase transition and Resurgence: Lessons from 3d \(\mathcal{N}=4\) SQED" by Masazumi Honda, YITP for researchers working in the same or similar areas


OIST-RIKEN Brain Symposium

2023年8月21日 (月) 9:002023年8月23日 (水) 18:35
B250 (Sydney Brenner Hall)

The first joint symposium between RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) and OIST is organized by Ph.D. students and professors in both institutes. The symposium aims to provide a platform for young scientists from both institutes to develop stronger ties and find solutions to shared research interests using different approaches/model organisms. The deadline for registration is 15th June 2023.


Seminars by Prof. Mahir Bilen Can (Tulane University) and Prof. Andrew Lobb (Durham University), L4F01

2023年8月18日 (金) 14:30 17:00
Seminar Room L4F01, Lab4

Speaker 1: Mahir Bilen Can (Tulane University)

Title: Graded locally semialgebraic spaces and graded Nash manifolds.

Speaker 2: Andrew Lobb (Durham University)

Title: Four-sided pegs fitting round holes fit all smooth holes.


Planets in bullet-time: inside Ne(wt)o(n)'s apple

2023年8月18日 (金) 14:00
Lab 4, D01 "restaurant"

A physics lecture for non-physicists. Title: Planets in bullet-time: inside Ne wt o n's apple. Speaker: Yasha Neiman.


[Seminar]New Developments in Low-Valent and Early Transition Metal Ions, Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds, and Catalytic Reactions Involving Methane by Prof. Daniel Mindiola, University of Pennsylvania

2023年8月18日 (金) 14:00 15:00
C700, Lab3

Dr. Daniel Mindiola, Brush Family Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania.


[Seminar]Synthesis and Property of Transition Metal Complexes Having a Lewis Acidic Group 13 Ligand by Prof. Makoto Yamashita, Nagoya University

2023年8月18日 (金) 13:00 14:00
C700, Lab3

Dr. Makoto Yamashita, Professor, Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University


Efficient information usage by cells – and cell biologists by Prof. Keita Kamino, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica

2023年8月18日 (金) 10:00 11:30
Seminar Room C209 - Ctr Bldg (60 seats)

Efficient information usage by cells – and cell biologists by Prof. Keita Kamino, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica


Uke Club Meeting - Seaside Lounge OR Beach!

2023年8月17日 (木) 20:00

This week we will patrol Onna's beaches looking for ukuleles that were washed ashore by the typhoon, which we will rehabilitate and release back into the wild.


Functional heterogeneity: relationship between group performance and individual behavioural differences

2023年8月17日 (木) 11:00 12:00
OIST Main Campus (C700) and Zoom

By Prof. Isaac Planas-Sitjà from Department of Biological Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University ( Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 959 9390 4953 Passcode: 782775


Animals face daily decisions, such as where to forage or nest, which can be critical for their fitness. In social animals, these decisions are complicated by a potential conflict of interests among group members, which nonetheless must collectively reach some form of agreement if the group is to remain together. Insects have been model organisms to study collective behaviour and advance our understanding of mechanisms leading to optimal and successful decisions. While it is clear that there are no two identical individuals, a debate still exists on whether heterogeneity of behaviour among group members could improve, or not, group performance. In fact, the question of how identical or dissimilar units, with same average properties, give rise to different collective processes goes beyond behavioural ecology. During this talk, I will introduce some of the mechanisms involved in collective behaviour (e.g., information sharing, social feedback and social interactions), and discuss how these mechanisms coupled with individual differences can lead to more accurate decisions, from gregarious to eusocial insects.


[Seminar] "Water and Graphene: a Quaint Quantum Couple" by Prof. Mischa Bonn (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research)

2023年8月16日 (水) 16:30 17:30
L4E48 (Lab 4)

Title: Water and Graphene: a Quaint Quantum Couple

Administrative Meeting

POC Program Open Hours

2023年8月16日 (水) 14:00 15:00
OIST Innovation space (Lab 3A)

We have biweekly open hours at OIST Innovation where you can come and talk with us about anything related to the Proof of Concept application process.


恩納村×OIST こどもかがく教室 オープンクラス

2023年8月16日 (水) 9:00
The details will be updated

BeActive Fitness - Abs of Steel with Rachel *BARBIE WEEK - wear PINK*

2023年8月16日 (水) 8:00 8:35
Village Center Meeting Room

Abs of steel with Rachel!

When: Wednesday morning 8am - 8:35am

Where: Village Center Meeting Room

Bring: Yoga mat, towel, water bottle and indoor shoes (optional)




[Time changed] Seminar: "Conjugated polymers as photocatalysts for solar fuels generation" by Dr. Sebastian Sprick, University of Strathclyde

2023年8月15日 (火) 11:00 12:00

Dr. Sebastian Sprick, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Strathclyde


A bottom up approach for analyzing circuits underlying navigation in vertebrates by Head of Research. Claire WYART, Paris Brain Institute/INSERM

2023年8月15日 (火) 10:00 11:30
Seminar Room L4F01

A bottom up approach for analyzing circuits underlying navigation in vertebrates

by Head of Research. Claire WYART, Paris Brain Institute/INSERM


[Seminar] "Graphene Oxide as a Super Material" by Prof. Shinya Hayami (Department of Chemistry, Kumamoto University)

2023年8月14日 (月) 16:00 17:00
C700, floor C, Lab 3

Title: Graphene Oxide as a Super Material


[Seminar] "Quasi-universal scaling of brain activity: from real neurons to artificial intelligence." by Prof. Miguel Munoz.

2023年8月14日 (月) 14:00 15:00
Seminar Room L4E48, Lab 4

[Seminar] "Quasi-universal scaling of brain activity: from real neurons to artificial intelligence." by Prof. Miguel Munoz.


Community Cooking Series - Class 7

2023年8月14日 (月) 12:502023年8月24日 (木) 17:00
Onna Fureai Center (Room #3 Ryukyu Cooking Room)

The Community Cooking Series aims to bring the OIST community and residents of Onna closer through a shared love of food. Each session will be focused on one dish, taught by someone with a personal connection to the recipe (perhaps you?).


恩納村×OIST こどもかがく教室

2023年8月14日 (月) 9:002023年8月18日 (金) 10:30

The details will be updated


Child Development Center Annual Art Exhibition

2023年8月14日 (月) (All day)2023年8月24日 (木) (All day)
Center Building and Skywalk

OIST Child Development Center (CDC) annual art exhibition. This year's theme is "nature". Come enjoy the art made by our creative students!


山の日 Mountain Day

2023年8月11日 (金) 0:00

National holiday


【Seminar】Bridging Mechanics and Chemistry in Deformable Solids By Prof. Fernando P. Duda

2023年8月10日 (木) 16:30 17:30
Lab4, F01 (Hybrid)

Dr. Fernando P. Duda, Professor and Head Department of MEchanical Engineering,

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

Language: English


TSVP Talk: "Analytical Validation of Variational Models for Epitaxially Strained Thin Films: A Review" by Paolo Piovano

2023年8月10日 (木) 15:00 16:10
L4E48, Zoom

TSVP Talk Language: English (no interpretation). Target audience: General audience / everyone at OIST and beyond. Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration (also via Zoom).


//Rescheduled//Seminar "Diverging current fluctuations in critical Kerr resonators" Prof. Mark Michison, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

2023年8月9日 (水) 13:00 14:00
Seminar Room C700, Level C, Lab 3

Speaker: Prof. Mark Michison, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Kite and Triangle diagrams through Symmetries of Feynman Integrals

2023年8月9日 (水) 10:00
Lab 4, Seminar room L4E01

Visitor seminar hosted by Quantum Gravity Unit Speaker: Dr. Subhajit Mazumdar,Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul National University Title: Kite and Triangle diagrams through Symmetries of Feynman Integrals


Flow Mat Pilates class by Ikumi Aoki

2023年8月7日 (月) 18:45 19:45
Village Center Meeting Room
Flow Mat Pilates class by Ikumi Aoki Class Information Date and Time | 日時 Balletone class Monday,19th June 6:45 - 7:45 PM Flow Pilates Monday,26th June 6:45 - 7:45 PM Location | 場所

Both of the classes will be held at Village Center Meetting Room


Fee | 料金

・Student |学生 : 1,500 JPY

・Faculty,Staff, and Family menbers|教員、職員、OIST関係者のご家族 : 2,000 JPY


Silver workshop VI

2023年8月7日 (月) 9:002023年8月9日 (水) 17:00

This 6th workshop is a continuation of the previous workshop in a series. This workshop discuss the modularity and duality, geometric group, cohomological theory, singularity theory, and knot theory. All talks on the black board are expected. The online participation of Zoom will be possible by the registration in advance.


[Canceled] Seminar "Variable Energy Flux in Turbulence" by Prof. Mahendra K. Verma

2023年8月4日 (金) 16:00 17:00
B700, Lab 3

[Speaker] Prof. Mahendra K. Verma, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Administrative Meeting

POC Program Open Hours

2023年8月2日 (水) 14:00 15:00
OIST Innovation space (Lab 3A)

We have biweekly open hours at OIST Innovation where you can come and talk with us about anything related to the Proof of Concept application process.


OIST Workshop "New trends of conformal theory from probability to gravity"

2023年7月31日 (月) (All day)2023年8月4日 (金) (All day)
OIST Main Campus, Lab 4, Seminar Room L4E48

OIST Workshop | Website | Main organizer: Shinobu Hikami (Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit) | OIST members are welcome to attend all scientific sessions (registration required).


Autism as an invisible disability: What you see is NOT everything

2023年7月29日 (土) 14:00 15:15
Seminar room, Seaside House
Valtameri Autism as an invisible disability: What you see is NOT everything

A lack of societal understanding and acceptance of autism is a serious issue that is associated with loneliness and mistreatments of autistic people in criminal justice system or employment. Autism is not a disorder or impairment that needs to be treated or cured. What needs to be changed is the societal understanding of autism.

In this talk, from the societal model and neurodiversity paradigm, I will highlight lived experiences of autistic people including my own and latest research and cover topics such as sociality, loneliness, and mental health in autism. There will be a Q&A session at the end.


Dr Kana Grace

Kana is an English-Japanese bilingual psychologist specializing in Autism. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Center for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) at University College London where she completed her PhD, and a research collaborator at Autism Spectrum Australia. She has been featured in major media such as BBC, Scientist, and Spectrum. Kana is autistic and an ADHDer, and is passionate about advocacy for autism and neurodiversity.


1,000 yen/person

I will send you the details via email.


Please email to

Email title: "talk" Email text: please write down your preffered session (English or Japanese) and numbers of people who are coming. I will reply to you to confirm your booking. First-come-first-served basis of 20 capacity


Seminar Room, Seaside House, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

Date and time:

Saturday, July 29

11:00 am - 12:15 pm Japanese

14:00 pm - 15:15 pm English

I will do the same talk at different times. Choose the one you prefer!



2023年7月29日 (土) 11:00 12:15





Dr Kana Grace (カナ・グレイス博士)

カナは、自閉症専門の英日バイリンガル心理学者です。現在、博士号を取得したユニバーシティカレッジロンドンの自閉症研究所の名誉研究員・オーストラリアの自閉症チャリティー団体Autism Spectrum Australiaの共同研究者です。BBC, Scientist, Spectrum など国外の主要なメディアでも注目される自閉症研究者・活躍家です。カナは、自閉症・ADHD当事者で自閉症・ニューロダイバーシティの 擁 護活動に熱意を持っています。


博士, ユニバーシティカレッジロンドン, 英国

修士(カウンセリング心理学), ボストンカレッジ, 米国

PgCert(自閉症), シェフィールドハラム大学, 英国



1000円/1人 お支払い詳細はメールにてお伝えします。

予約: へEメールを送信。

メールタイトル:「講演会」 メールの本文:希望のセッション(日本語化か英語)・参加人数をご記入ください。 予約完了の返信を致します。 定員20名の先着順です。






11:00 am - 12:15 pm 日本語

14:00 pm - 15:15 pm 英語



Okinawan Traditional Sweets Cooking Class *Filled to Capacity

2023年7月28日 (金) 14:00 16:00
Village Center Community Kichen
Class details DATE|日程: Friday, 28th July | 7月28日(金)  TIME|開催時間:P.M(午後)2:00 ~ 4:00 場所:Village Center Community Kichen CAPACITY|定員:10 people (First-come,first-served. | 先着順です) FEE|参加費: For Student 500 JPY/ For Non-Student 2,200 JPY

*Students: Please bring exact amount of 500 yen to the Recreaiton Services office by July 26th to confirm your attendance.

*Non students: Please bring exact amount of 2,200 yen to the Recreation Services office by July 26th to confirm your attendance.



What to bring... Apron|エプロン

*Please confirm the allergy above and if you have anything, please not to attend this workshop for keeping your health. Registration required

OIST Representation Theory Seminar: Quantum wreath product

2023年7月28日 (金) 10:30 11:30
L4E48 and online on Zoom
Title: Quantum wreath product Ziqing Xiang, Southern University of Science and Technology

[Seminar] "Organic Ionic-Electronic Mixed Conductors-Based on 3D Bioelectronic Interfaces, Reconfigurable Neuromorphic Circuits, and 3D Neuronal Cell Cultures" by Prof. Myung-Han Yoon

2023年7月27日 (木) 10:30 11:30
B503, Lab 1 & Zoom

Prof. Myung-Han Yoon, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)


OIST NetCafé Online Information Session in July 2023

2023年7月26日 (水) 16:00

OIST Café is a casual science information session to introduce the OIST PhD program, Research Internship, and other workshops. What do cutting-edge research and education look like? What are the qualification and criteria to get into Graduate School? What are the career options after the graduation? OIST members such as PhD students and admissions officers will meet you to answer all your questions!


Pontryagin Maximum Principle in optimal control of coherent spin dynamics of radical pairs in Quantum Biology II. Computational Analysis

2023年7月26日 (水) 15:15 16:00

Mr. Pablo Jimenez, Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Phd Student

Dr. Jose Rodriques, OIST, Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Unit(Abdulla Unit),Staff Scientist

Mr. Chenming Zhen, OIST, Phd Student


Pontryagin Maximum Principle in optimal control of coherent spin dynamics of radical pairs in Quantum Biology I. Mathematical foundation and optimality conditions.

2023年7月26日 (水) 14:00 14:45

Professor Ugur G. Abdulla, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan


The Quantum Biology of Reactive Oxygen Production in Electron Transfer Flavoprotein

2023年7月26日 (水) 11:00 11:45

Speater:Professor Carlos F. Martino, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, USA


Microspectroscopic detection of magnetic field sensitive radical pair processes in biological systems

2023年7月26日 (水) 9:45 10:30

Lecturer: Professor Jonathan Woodward, University of Tokyo


Recent Advances in Quantum Biology

2023年7月26日 (水) 9:00 16:00

Plenary Speakers :

Jonathan R. Woodward, University of Tokyo, Japan

Carlos F. Martino, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, USA

Ugur G. Abdulla, OIST, Japan


What is Quantum Biology and why does it matter?

2023年7月26日 (水) 9:00 9:30

Lecture 1. Jonathan Woodward University of Tokyo, Japan


[Seminar] Entropy and active elasticity by Dr. Dhrubaditya Mitra

2023年7月25日 (火) 11:00 12:00
Center Bld. B503

Target Audience: Interns, Students, PostDocs, and those who are interested in the same research field.

Language: English


Seminar "Flexible control of probabilistic goal-directed navigation" by Dr. Chuntao Dan

2023年7月25日 (火) 11:00 12:00
Seminar room C209, Center Building

Dr. Chuntao Dan, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus