Past Events

Introduction to Python programming on the cluster.

2018年4月23日 (月) 13:00

Part III: Introduction to the numerical libraries Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib. Bring a laptop, and make sure you can access Sango and Tombo.


2018年4月21日 (土) 10:00



Student Assembly

2018年4月20日 (金) 17:00

Updates from Executive meetings and Open Forum

Mechanical Engineering User Group Meeting

2018年4月20日 (金) 16:00
B503, Center Building

The Mechanical Engineering and Microfabrication Support Section would like to invite you to the Mechanical Engineering User Group meeting on Friday the 20th of April.

[Seminar] "Geometric transport in Quantum Hall Effect" by Prof. Paul Wiegmann

2018年4月19日 (木) 14:30
Lab3 Level C - C756

Seminar by Prof. Paul Wiegmann from University of Chicago

Skill Pill: Teaching Techniques - 2 of 2

2018年4月19日 (木) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

Skill Pill: Teaching Techniques can teach you how to teach a teacher to teach teachers how to teach!

Anyone welcome.

More information and signup here.

My life with anxiety and how it got better.

2018年4月18日 (水) 16:30
B700, Level B, Lab3

Speaker: Professor Yasha Neiman

In this informal talk, Yasha is going to share his personal experience in dealing with and managing anxiety. This talk is open to all students, and we hope this will give students a space to think and talk about mental issues during a PhD.

"Möbius Kaleidocycles --- A New Family of Ring Mechanisms" by Dr. Johannes Schönke

2018年4月18日 (水) 15:00
Lab 3, B700

The weekly Topology and Geometry Seminar, with Dr. Johannes Schönke (Mathematics, Mechanics, and Materials Unit)

Introduction to Python programming on the cluster.

2018年4月18日 (水) 13:00

Part II: A few common uses for Python on the Cluster. Bring a laptop, and make sure you have access to Sango and Tombo clusters.