Learn About Okinawa's History: A Historian and Elder’s Insights on the Battle of Okinawa


2024年6月12日 (水) 15:00 17:30


OIST Auditorium


Learn About Okinawa's History: Irei No Hi (Battle of Okinawa)

(Language: Japanese with simultaneous English translation)


June 23 is Okinawa Memorial Day. To mark the occasion, a special lecture on Okinawa's history and war will be held on June 12(Wed) 15:00-17:00 in the OIST Auditorium. 

This is a valuable opportunity to learn about the history of the land and people of Onna Village.

Takahiro Seto, a Japanese historian from Onna Village Museum will be invited as a lecturer to give context about the war in Okinawa, combat zones in Onna Village, and how these events affected the people of Onna Village. Terunobu Yamauchi, who was born and raised in Onna Village, will also be invited to speak about his experiences living in Nakadomari in a dialogue with Mr. Seto.


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Seto Takahiro: 

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Moved to Okinawa in 1992. 

He has been engaged in research on the Battle of Okinawa.  

Works at Onna Village Museum. He and his team have compiled the Onna Village History Book (war edition).



June 12 (Wed)    15:00-17:00   @Auditorium

Register here >>> https://groups.oist.jp/culture/learn-about-okinawas-history-historian-and-elders-insights-battle-okinawa

Event information >>> https://groups.oist.jp/cpr/event/learn-about-okinawas-history-historian-and-elder%E2%80%99s-insights-battle-okinawa

After the talk, there will be a time for gathering. Please also join 'Reflection with Tea' starting around 17:00. 









6/12 (水) 15:00-17:00  @講堂


登録はこちら >>> https://groups.oist.jp/culture/learn-about-okinawas-history-historian-and-elders-insights-battle-okinawa




トーク終了後、懇親会の時間を設けています。17:00頃からの「Reflection with Tea」にもぜひご参加ください。 

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