JEOL 400 MHz NMR application training

Our first applications training at OIST for JEOL 400 MHz was recently finished.
From left to right: Eguchi-san (JEOL), Pavlos-san (JEOL), Roy, Julia and Eugene (OIST).

Thanks to Pavlos-san, we covered a lot of topics over the past two and a half days of intense training, including: basic 1D experiments, array experiments, basic 2D experiments including data collection and processing in Delta (COSY, NOESY), 1H-15N HMBC, 1D NOE, DOSY, extremely nice No-D experiment (proton in non-deuterated solvents with solvent suppression, eventually it worked perfectly well for our toluene and THF samples), t1 measurements, 90 deg pulse calibration, high temperature kinetics experiments, and we even quickly looked at Saturation-Transfer Difference at the end. Most surprisingly, the autosampler was actually able to handle 7-inch J Young tubes (just don’t try to put longer tubes!).