2020年1月20日 (月) 10:00

Prof. Mary Waye, CUHK.


2019年12月23日 (月) 14:00

[Computational Neuroscience Unit Seminar] "Energy landscape analyses of brain dynamics" by Dr. Jiyoung Kang, from Center for Systems and Translational Brain Sciences, Institute of Human Complexity and Systems Science, Yonsei University, South Korea


2020年1月6日 (月) 15:00

Dr Henry Gee

Senior Editor



2019年12月9日 (月) 15:30

This will be the concluding part of the series of lectures on Higher Spin theories by Mirian Tsulaia. 

Abstract:  In today's talk we will discuss Vasiliev's formulation of Higher Spin theories, focussing in particular on the topic of free and nonlinear unfolded equations. 


2019年12月11日 (水) 14:00

Speaker: Yasha Neiman

Title: Replica Wormholes and the Entropy of Hawking Radiation

Abstract :We are going to discuss the recent paper by Ahmed Almheiri, Thomas Hartman, Juan Maldacena, Edgar Shaghoulian and Amirhossein Tajdini  "Replica Wormholes and the Entropy of Hawking Radiation" 


2019年12月16日 (月) 14:00

"Uniaxial-strain Control of Nematic Superconductivity in SrxBi2Se3" by Dr. Ivan Kostylev, Kyoto University


2019年12月18日 (水) 14:00

Speaker: Slava Lysov

Title: Batalin-Vilkoviski formalism and applications.

Abstract : I am going to rewiev the Batalin-Vilkoviski (BV) formalinsm and discuaa some applications of it. The releveant papers are: classical paper on BV by A. Schwarz  "Geometry of Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization" and the paper by Gorodentsev, Krotov and Losev "Quantum Field Theory as Effective BV Theory from Chern-Simons".


2020年1月23日 (木) 13:30

Speaker: Dr. Arnab Priya Saha, Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India


2019年12月6日 (金) 14:00

Theoretical Physics Seminar.
Speaker: Seva Nikulin.
Title: "De Sitter space as a space of probability distributions".


2019年12月13日 (金) 15:00

Dr. Hiroaki Sako, Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Tokyo. Language: English, no interpretation.