2024年7月8日 (月) 14:00 15:00

Nutrix is an international digital health startup creating a SaaS platform to support patients with chronic diseases, aiming to enhance their well-being, quality of life, and longevity. Join us as Maria shares her path from startup to success!

Language: English

Everyone is welcome to join (no registration required)


2024年7月8日 (月) 11:00 12:00

CNS unit will host a seminar "New Insights on the Hippocampus Codes using Complex Spatial Navigation", by Prof. Jean-Marc Fellous, the University of Arizona.


2024年7月5日 (金) 10:00 11:00

Speaker : Sachiko Tsuda (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University)


2024年7月17日 (水) 10:00 11:00

[Speaker] Jessica Nitschke, Research Fellow, Stellenbosch University

[Title] Modelling Social Complexity & State Formation in Early Egypt


2024年7月16日 (火) 10:00 11:00

[Speaker] Geoff Nitschke, Associate Professor, University of Cape Town

[Title] Complexity in Brains and Bodies


2024年7月2日 (火) 16:00 17:00

[Speaker] Eckart Meiburg, Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Fluids, University of California at Santa Barbara


2024年7月17日 (水) 11:00 12:00

Seminar by Dr.Quan ZHU "Applying Spatially-Resolved Single Cell Technologies to Study Human Health and Diseases"


2024年7月4日 (木) 16:00 17:00

[Speaker] Michael D. Graham, Steenbock Professor of Engineering and Harvey D. Spangler Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison


2024年7月9日 (火) 13:00 14:30

Speaker 1: Mr. Kazusato Oko (The University of Tokyo)

Title: How to learn a sum of diverse features provably: A case study of ridge combinations

Speaker 2: Mr. Yuki Takezawa (Kyoto University)

Title: Polayk Meets Parameter-free Clipped Gradient Descent


2024年7月1日 (月) 15:00

Speaker: Sebastian Murk

Title: Light rings and causality for nonsingular ultracompact objects sourced by nonlinear electrodynamics