2020年7月13日 (月) 14:00 16:00

Title: Symplectic Reduction in Field Theory

Speaker: Slava Lysov

Abstract: We will briefly review the symplectic recution in finite dimensional case and generalization to the field theory with possible inclusion of the edge modes. We will apply these ideas to the  BF-model and compare the results with the predictions of algebraic topology.  


2020年8月7日 (金) 14:00

Theoretical Physics Seminar.
Speaker: Karol Gietka (Quantum Systems).
Title: "Quantum Simulators in Other Frames of Reference"


2020年7月10日 (金) 13:30

Theoretical Physics Seminar.
Speaker: Matthias Gohlke (Quantum what's the Matter).
Title: "Kitaev's honeycomb model: an exactly solvable quantum spin liquid"


2020年7月8日 (水) 14:00 16:00

Title: Recent Progress on Black Hole Information

Abstract: We are going to discuss String Theory conference talk by J. Maldacena   "Review: Recent progress on the black hole information paradox". Slava Lysov will lead the discussion. 


2020年7月6日 (月) 14:00 16:00

Title: Current Algebras and Celestial CFT Correlators

Speaker: Sudip Ghosh

Abstract: I will discuss the construction of a SL(2,C) current algebra using the subleading soft graviton theorem and the constraints imposed by this current algebra via null state relations on the spectrum of the putative CFT dual of Einstein gravity in (3+1)-d asymptotically flat spacetimes.


2020年7月3日 (金) 16:00 17:00

TQM UNIT is pleased to invite you to the seminar.


2020年7月17日 (金) 13:00 15:00

For OIST members:

Users meeting and Seminar are registration free. We look forward to your participation via Zoom. 

For Non-OIST members:

Please contact for Seminar sign up. (Users meeting is an internal event.)


2020年6月30日 (火) 21:00 22:30

We are pleased to invite you to our seminar.


2020年7月7日 (火) 9:00 10:00

Dr. Caroline Lynn Kamerlin, Professor of Structural Biology, Uppasala University, Sweden. 


2020年6月24日 (水) 14:00

Title: AdS3 gravity and random CFT

Abstract: We are goin to discuss the recent paper by Jordan Cotler and Kristan Jensen   "AdS3 gravity and random CFT". Yasha Neiman will lead the discussion.