2023年11月16日 (木) 16:00 17:00

Epigenomic disease research using genome and epigenome editing technologies, and safety measures for conducting such research



2023年11月13日 (月) 11:00 12:00

Speaker: Dr. Irene Li, Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, Seminar Room L5D23


2023年11月22日 (水) 14:00 14:30

Dear RUA and Fixed Asset management staff

FY23 Fixed Asset Information session will be held via Zoom. Those in charge of fixed asset management are please participate in this session. 




【Date】November 22 (Wed)

【Time】 14:00-14:30

【Language】 Japanese

【ZOOM link】 Please access Zoom from the following link

【ZOOM link】 Please access Zoom from the following link

Meeting ID 942 4688 9699

【DFM site】




2023年12月4日 (月) 11:00 12:00

[Seminar] "Role of engagement fund: Does it have a relevance to you?" by Mr. Shoichi Oka, Partner Solaris Management Co., Ltd.

December 4, 2023, 11:00-12:00 @L4E48, Lab4


2023年11月15日 (水) 10:00

In this talk Dr. Dornburg will demonstrate the utility of comparative phylogenetic methods in providing a quantitative basis for otherwise unknown parameters that are fundamental to personal, clinical, and public health policy decision-making.


2023年11月9日 (木) 14:00

Dr. Mollie Brooks is a Senior Research Scientist at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Danish Technical University.

All are welcome, especially those with interests in: fish, climate change, and statistical forecasting!


2023年10月30日 (月) 16:00

Francesco Sartini (OIST):  Hidden symmetry in cosmology and black holes


2023年11月7日 (火) 16:30 17:30

Ulrich Thiel, University of Kaiserslautern-Landau

Title: The rank one property for free Frobenius extensions


2023年10月24日 (火) 16:30 17:30

Emily Norton, University of Kent

Title: Decomposition numbers for unipotent blocks with small \(sl_2\)-weight in finite classical groups


2023年10月25日 (水) 15:00

Seminar: "The nitrogen-vacancy centers: from fundamentals to applications" by Prof. Keigo Arai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


The nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond have been gaining interest as a unique quantum platform for quantum sensing, communication, and simulation. This platform's notable advantages include its long coherence times and high-fidelity controllability, and it can be operated under a wide range of temperatures and pressures. In this talk, I will introduce a selection of research activities at Tokyo Institute of Technology, covering magnetocardiography, topological simulation, and material science under extreme conditions.