XUV Lab (Lab2 - A637)


XUV lab is one of our latest lab, where we have coupled a home-built high harmonic beamline to a time-of-flight momentum microscope, to do space, time and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (tr-µ-ARPES). We have our system up and operational since early 2020. In this lab, we have focused our research on the understanding of excitonic structure and exciton dynamics in 2D materials and their heterostructure [1-3].



  • Specs Time-of-flight momentum microscopes (Metis 1000)
    • with spin filter and closed cycle cryocooler
    • spatial resolution <50nm, energy resolution <40meV, sample temperature 5 - 400K
  • Spectra Physics Spirit 1030-100 (1030nm, 0 – 30MHz, 100 µJ < 1Mhz to 100W >1MHz, <400 fs)
  • Spectra Physics Spirit NOPA (320 nm to 2500 nm)



  • High-harmonic generation setup
  • Time-resolved ARPES in a time-of-flight momentum microscope
  • Sample fabrication setup for preparation and stacking of 2D materials