Magnet Lab (Lab2 - A642)


This laboratory is named after the 17 T superconducting DC magnet we have installed, which is one of the largest table-top magnet in existence. We can conduct two-color pump probe spectroscopy and THz time-domain spectroscopy in B-field down at temperature ranging from 2.6 to 400K. We have utilized this system to study the optical and electronic properties in quantum materials including the newly-discovered Dirac and Weyl semimetals and other strongly correlated materials [1-3]. Besides fundamental research, we also carry out technical development in this lab, which includes development of next generation high-harmonic light source, and laser surgery technology, both of which are supported by OIST’s proof of concept program that provide funding to bridge the gap between lab discoveries and societal impact.



  • Cryogenic cryogen free Superconducting Magnet
    • magnetic field from 0 to 17 Tesla, sample temperature 2.6 to 400 K
    • optical windows at the front and back of the magnet allowing beam access for reflection or transmission measurements
  • Spectra Physics MaiTai BB (710-990 nm, 80 MHz, 3 nJ to 20 nJ, 100 fs)
  • Spectra Physics Spirit 1030-140 (1030nm, 0 – 30MHz, 600 µJ < 1Mhz to 150W >1MHz, <400 fs)
  • Spectra Physics Spirit NOPA (320 nm to 2500 nm)
  • PureLab HE 1800 Glovebox



  • Homebuilt THz time-domain spectroscopy (600 µm to 75 µm) coupled with the magnet
  • Two-color pump-probe in B-field
  • High-harmonic generation setups