From Quantum Materials to Quantum Information: Symposium on Trans-Scale Quantum Science and Quantum Materials Synthesis (QMQI2024)


Monday, November 11, 2024 (All day) to Friday, November 15, 2024 (All day)


Primary venue: OIST Seaside House, Secoundary venue: OIST Main Campus


Summary & Goals

The symposium "From Quantum Materials to Quantum Information: Symposium on Trans-Scale Quantum Science and Quantum Materials Synthesis" (QMQI 2024) is co-organized by OIST, the Quantum Materials Synthesis collaboration sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Trans-Scale Quantum Science Institute of the University of Tokyo. It will bring together researchers from quantum material science, quantum many-body physics, quantum computation, quantum information and foundations in a single event with the aim to exchange ideas at the interface of these disciplines and explore interdisciplinary research directions. 

The symposium will be structured as follows: 

Days 1-2 will focus on quantum materials, particularly thin-film and heterostructure fabrication, and advanced experimental techniques for unveiling their functionalities. These topics are closely relevant to the design of material platforms for quantum many-body simulations and emerging information technologies.

Day 3 is a bridging day on quantum many-body physics, which serves as the "unifying theme" for connecting quantum materials research with quantum information and quantum computation.

Days 4-5 will focus on quantum information, quantum foundations, and quantum computation.

While the majority of the talks will be by invitation, we will accept a limited number of contributed talks.

The symposium will place in OIST's Seaside House, with the exception of the bridging day, which will be held on the OIST campus.   A limited amount of accomodation for participants is available in Seaside House. This will be provided free of charge, with priority given to students.   


Collin Broholm (John Hopkins)
Mingxuan Fu (The University of Tokyo)
Philipp Höhn (OIST)
Takeshi Kondo (The University of Tokyo)
Mio Murao (The University of Tokyo)
Satoru Nakatsuji (The University of Tokyo)
Kae Nemoto (OIST)
Seongshik Oh (Rutgers)
Nic Shannon (OIST)
Hiroki Takahashi (OIST)

For further details please see the workshop's website.

OIST is deeply committed to the advancement of women in science, in Japan and worldwide. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Nic Shannon (Theory of Quantum Matter Unit)
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Application Deadline

Monday, July 8, 2024 - 23:45

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