OIST Mini Symposium "Impurity Spins for Quantum Information and Technologies"


Wednesday, September 13, 2017 (All day) to Friday, September 15, 2017 (All day)


OIST Seaside House & OIST Seminar Room C210


Quantum Technologies are believed to have potential for sensing and communication devices with unprecedented sensitivity or efficiency.  Thanks to the remarkable development of the research fields during the past decade, Quantum Technologies have now emerged realistic for the next-generation technologies.  
In this Mini-Symposium, we will focus on impurity “spins” in solid crystals in the prospect of their application to Quantum Information Science and Technologies.  Spins are one of the most promising and versatile quantum mechanical systems; they can be implemented as qubits, quantum memories, quantum transducers between microwave and optical light, and quantum sensors.  The aim of this Mini-Symposium is to bring world-leading experts who are working on spins for Quantum Technologies and Quantum Information Science together to discuss the recent developments as well as future perspectives. 

Klaus Moelmer (Aarhus University, Denmark)
John Morton (University College of London, UK)
Patrice Bertet (CEA-Saclay, France)
​Jarryd Pla (The University of New South Wales, Australia)
​Renbao Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)
Jan Mol (Oxford University, UK)
Rose Ahlefeldt (Australian National University, Australia)
Dianna Serrano (Chimie ParisTech and CNRS, France)
​Pavel Bushev (University of Saarland, Germany)
​Lucile Veissier (LAC University d'Orsay, France)
​Micheal Stern (Bar-Ilan University, Islael)
​Koji Usami (RCAST, The University of Tokyo, Japan)
​Tokuyuki Teraji (NIMS, Japan)

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