OIST Machine Learning Workshop


Monday, March 3, 2025 (All day) to Wednesday, March 5, 2025 (All day)


OIST Conference Center (Auditorium+Meeting Rooms)


OIST, a prestigious university known for neuroscience, life sciences, and physics, aims to elevate its global recognition in computer science, specifically in machine learning and data science. To achieve this, OIST plans to host an international symposium focused on machine learning, including cutting-edge technologies like large language models (LLMs). This symposium aims to introduce advanced machine learning methods to OIST researchers and foster collaborations with experts from Japan.

The symposium will feature more than 10 keynote speakers covering diverse topics such as LLMs, optimal transport, graph neural network, quantum machine learning, and causal inference. It will include tutorials on these subjects, allowing life science researchers to integrate new machine-learning techniques into their work. Mathematicians and machine learning experts will also have opportunities to explore emerging challenges in these fields.

In addition to the keynote sessions, the event will host a poster session and panel discussions to promote interaction among attendees. This platform will be invaluable Ph.D. students, postdocs, and faculty, offering them insights into state-of-the-art machine learning and potential collaborations both locally and internationally.


Workshop website: TBA

OIST is deeply committed to the advancement of women in science, in Japan and worldwide. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Makoto Yamada (Machine Learning and Data Science Unit)
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