100 Island Challenge: Cross-regional perspectives of coral reef structure and function


Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 09:00 to Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 16:30


OIST Seaside House


Overview – Regional comparisons of coral reefs have been invaluable in informing us of the structure and dynamics of these diverse and complex ecosystems. Due to logistical constraints, most regional comparisons have been completed at geographical scales of 10s to 100s of km, with study sites most often contained within geopolitical boundaries. The ecology of coral reefs, however, is not constrained at such scales, and novel insights are likely to emerge through a broadened geographic context of comparison.  
This workshop brings together academics and practitioners who have been working to push the geographic boundaries of coral reef investigation and management. Further, the workshop provides a forum to discuss new opportunities to broaden the scope of existing studies of the workings of coral reefs today and into the future.  
Workshop structure – The workshop structure has been designed to achieve tangible outputs, serving as a foundation for ongoing collaboration among the participants and the broader community. We begin with a series of short-format talks (12-15 minutes each) from the willing participants, organized into three themes: 

i. Examples of science learned uniquely through geographically expansive studies of coral reef ecosystems,
ii. Discussion of science that can be learned when crossing geopolitical divides, with a particular focus on the science and management opportunities and challenges, 
iii. Exploration of practical approaches to accelerate cross-regional studies through application of new technologies, especially in large-scale environmental imaging. 

We will continue into a series of facilitated roundtable discussions, breakout sessions, and brainstorming periods. Three targeted outputs of the meeting are (1) a paper (academic paper or ‘white paper’) on the opportunities for coordinated, international studies of coral reefs, (2) a strategy for advancing novel technologies in imaging across international groups, specifically identifying funding opportunities to support such efforts, and (3) commitment to novel collaborations of participants, both within and beyond the scope of topics discussed in forum.  
Workshop philosophy – The participants for this workshop have been selected based upon their experience, their expertise in the field, and their proven dedication to sincere collaboration in working toward a common goal. We have structured the workshop to maximize interactions and discussions, with the goals to maximize the power of collaboration. All ideas are welcomed, and no ideas will be stolen; we engage in this workshop as a team. With trust and mutual support, we are poised to accomplish much more than the sum of our parts! 


  1. Rusty Brainard  (Graduate Affiliate Faculty, University of Hawaii <<participating remotely>>)
  2. Andy Estep (Waitt Institute) 
  3. Will Figueira (University of Sydney)
  4. Atsushi Fujimura (University of Guam)
  5. Jamison Gove  <<participating remotely>>
  6. Melanie McField (Smithsonian Institution)
  7. Satoshi Mitarai (OIST)
  8. Masako Nakamura (Tokai University)
  9. Serge Planes (CRIOBE)
  10. James Reimer (University of the Ryukyus) 
  11. Randi Rotjan (Boston University <<participating remotely>>)
  12. Stuart Sandin (SIO / UC San Diego)
  13. Jennifer Smith (SIO / UC San Diego <<participating remotely>>)
  14. Brian Zgliczynski (SIO / UC San Diego) 
Additional Participants
  • Yuichi Nakajima, Angela Ares Pita, Yuna Zayasu (OIST postdocs)
  • Maggi Mars Brisbin, Otis Brunner, Maki Thomas (OIST PhD students)
  • Nicole Pedersen, Lindsay Bonito (100 IC core team; SIO / UC San Diego)
Conference Organizers
  • Kirk Sato, Marine Biophysics Unit, OIST
  • Satoshi Mitarai, Marine Biophysics Unit, OIST
  • Stuart Sandin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography / UC San Diego 
  • Brian Zgliczynski, Scripps Institution of Oceanography / UC San Diego

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Sponsor or Contact: 
Marine Biophysics Unit (Satoshi Mitarai, Associate Professor)
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