The Art of Storytelling Through Hula - Hawaiian Cultural Lecture


Monday, August 19, 2019 - 19:00 to 21:00


OIST Auditorium


OIST members and the local Okinawan community are invited to a lecture on The Art of Storytelling Through Hula and performances by three local Okinawan Hula studios.

Manaiakalani Kalua will be presenting The Art of Storytelling Through Hula: Hula, Hawaiʻi dance, is a vehicle that holds the stories of origins, natural phenomenon, ceremony and ritual, history, relationships, and most anything dealing with the Hawaiʻi worldview. Hula is the physical movement of the body and spirit in the transmission of these moʻolelo, stories. The voice is the storyteller of the mele, and hula itʻs visual counterpart. Hula cannot exist without words. The ʻaihaʻa traditions of hula are indicative of the landscape that it was born from, the volcanic activity of Hawaiʻi. The interactions and relationships of these elementals and the kanaka, human, are housed in the mele, compositions, that hula illustrates through the body of the dancer.

Performances after the lecture will be given by three Okinawan Hula studios.

  • Kalehua Hula Studio
  • Kailua Hula Studio
  • Hālau Hula Uʻi

If you would like to join the workshop the following day, please see details on the QR code located on the advertisement.





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