Teaching and Mentoring Resources

Resources for teaching and mentoring

Effective communication

The following resources put the focus on effective communication in many situations, including the classroom, meetings, and one-to-one interactions between mentors and mentees.

Teaching online

This resource contains the materials used in the Visiting Fellow Workshop, Tips and Tricks for Teaching on Zoom, delivered by C-Hub’s inaugural visiting fellow, Dr. Tari Tan. Included are practical tips for creating effective and engaging online learning environments using the Zoom platform that can be effectively implemented into one’s own online teaching.

Teaching and mentoring our students, colleagues, peers in difficult times

The following resources are provided to guide the members of the OIST community in supporting our students and each other during challenging times and situations. While some of them are contextualized in teaching settings, the guidelines and practices are applicable to a wide range of situations in the lab, workplace, and in social settings.

Difficult moments

Self-care resources

Additional links to some resources on wellbeing during difficult times: