The Center for Professional Development and Inclusive Excellence (C-Hub) provides the OIST community with a centralized place where:

  •   faculty, students, postdocs, research staff, administrative staff, and administrative leaders can explore opportunities for personal and career growth;
  •  evidence-based practices and research are applied toward professional development to support all careers in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate;
  •  connections and collaborations can be created across and beyond the university.

The C-Hub enacts its mission by engaging the diverse experiences, perspectives, and contributions amongst the broader OIST community to foster productive dialogue and exploration, and ultimately support OIST’s mission toward scientific and educational excellence.

The conceptual framework

Illustration of how training and development opportunities help students and employees succeed and result in engaged alumni.

Vision and Values

As a uniquely positioned professional development center committed to fostering inclusive excellence in a scientific graduate university, the C-Hub serves an international community of faculty, students, postdocs, research and administrative staff, administrative leaders, and alumni. The C-Hub enacts its mission through meaningful dialogue and synthesis with a community of colleagues and students across the university to create:

  • Interdisciplinary, inclusive, and collaborative environments that foster high impact outcomes for all, during and beyond their time at OIST.
  • Opportunities for exploration and experimentation informed by research and evidence-based practice.
  • Opportunities for intersections across the research units, administrative divisions, and the graduate school.
  • An appreciation for and focus on concepts and ideas— when initiating production- or outcomes-oriented work, we start by considering the intellectual and empathetic significance rather than the product.
  • Inclusive “design thinking” and “systems thinking” as methods and processes for approaching complex problems to support initiatives across the institution.

Programs and Activities

The goals of our programs and activities are focused on supporting every individual’s professional development and capacity for growth. Our programs and activities are developed through an evidence-based, research-informed process in the context of a global, scientific research university:

  • Individual consultations and programs to support excellence in mentorship, leadership, teaching, writing, collaboration, communication, etc.
  • Support for grant applications (in collaboration with Grants and Research Collaborations Section).
  • Certificate programs for graduate students and faculty in course development, effective and inclusive pedagogy, inclusive mentorship.
  • Ongoing professional development workshops.
  • Thematic workshops and seminars around areas of strategic interest.
  • Regular, less formal discussions, interest/research working groups around areas of interest to staff and collaborators.
  • “Seed grants” or other startup opportunities that encourage faculty and graduate students to propose innovative projects supported by C-Hub.
  • Short fellowship programs for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.

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