Center for Professional Development and Inclusive Excellence <->(C-Hub)

Programs and Activities

The goals of Professional Development and Inclusive Excellence (C-Hub) programs and activities are focused on supporting every individual’s professional development and capacity for growth. Our programs and activities are developed through an evidence-based, research-informed process in the context of a global, scientific research university:

  • Individual consultations and programs to support excellence in mentorship, leadership, teaching, writing, collaboration, communication, etc.
  • Support for grant applications (in collaboration with Grants and Research Collaborations Section).
  • Certificate programs for graduate students and faculty in course development, effective and inclusive pedagogy, inclusive mentorship.
  • Ongoing professional development workshops.
  • Thematic workshops and seminars around areas of strategic interest.
  • Regular, less formal discussions, interest/research working groups around areas of interest to staff and collaborators.
  • “Seed grants” or other startup opportunities that encourage faculty and graduate students to propose innovative projects supported by C-Hub.
  • Short fellowship programs for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.

Latest Posts

  • Introducing the Inclusive Communication Symposium 2024

    C-Hub’s Annual Symposium 2024 is a prestigious event that brings together innovative ideas and thinkers to explore ‘Inclusive Communication’. This theme provides a platform for organizations and individuals to prioritize equity and inclusion, fostering effective communication structures that nurture engagement, creativity, and wellbeing.

  • Introducing the Inclusive Leadership Mini-Symposium 2023

    We invite participants from Japan and across the world to engage in discussions, inquiry, and strategic thinking to explore how to: develop institutional cultures where every individual can thrive and their contributions are valued; instill ownership amongst leaders at all levels to actively foster inclusion and equity; empower those who identify as people from minoritized and underrepresented backgrounds to realize their full leadership potential.

  • Introducing the Inclusive Mentoring Mini-Symposium 2022

    We warmly invite you to join us for C-Hub's first symposium, "The Inclusive Mentoring mini-symposium" on Feb 16-17, 2022.