Strength-Based Development has its origins in positive psychology when leaders in the fields started looking at what was right with people instead of what was wrong with them. Instead of “fixing” a deficit, the focus is on building capabilities.

C-Hub offers personal and team coaching to support OIST members and teams through the strength-based development method, using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths online assessment. 

It’s not until we intentionally consider people’s talents and the amazing intricacy in how each person naturally thinks, feels, and behaves that we understand how truly unique each of us is. 

The Gallup research shows that people that have the opportunity to use their Clifton Strengths are six times as likely to agree that they have the chance to do what they do best every day, and three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life. 

You can benefit from the CliftonStrenghts assessment and coaching either as an individual or as an entire team. 

Individual Coaching 

1st Step:  
Complete the online assessment to: 

  • discover what you naturally do best 
  • learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths  
  • use your personalized results and reports to maximize your potential  

2nd Step:  
After completion of the assessment, you can book a one-on-one session with Ayumi Nagai, Gallup-certified Strengths coach, to uncover what’s in your way and explore the areas you are most interested in addressing to help you reach your goals.  

Strength-based development coaching will support you to:

  • discover and explore your natural talents and abilities  
  • apply your unique talents and abilities to the greatest source of fulfilment 
  • become more confident, happy, energetic 
  • achieve your goals 

3rd Step:  
Continue testing ways to nurture your strengths and apply them for your success. Should you need any check-in with the coach, you are always welcome to return for follow up consultations.  

Team Strengths Coaching  

1st step: 
Leader or Manager of the team completes the online talent assessment, followed by a one-on-one session to reflect their own strengths, define success and expectations for the team.  

2nd Step: 
Each team member completes the online talent assessment, followed by a one-on-one session with Ayumi Nagai, Gallup-certified Strengths coach, to discover their unique abilities and strengths.  

3rd Step:  
Everyone in the team gathers for a half-day C-Hub led workshop to:

  • deeply explore what ‘success’ looks like for the team 
  • discover and acknowledge the unique talents of each team member 
  • find ways to collaborate inclusively to maximize the collective team’s potential  


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