DNA Sequencing Section (SQC)




The mission of the section is to promote advances in biological science by providing researchers with genomic analyses that utilize the latest and most advanced technologies.




We offer OIST researchers next-generation sequencing (NGS) services in a wide range of NGS applications including de novo genome sequencing, re-sequencing, RNA sequencing, and ChIP sequencing, etc. Please see the "Service List" page for more information.

Currently, we house the following NGS sequencers: NovaSeq6000, Hiseq4000, HiSeq2500, MiSeq, PacBio RSII, MinION and PromethION (will arrive in January 2019). Please see the "NGS Platforms" page for more information.

We help researchers with their project planning, library preparation, and sequencing.

We also manage capillary sequencers, realtime PCR and microarray etc. for common use. Please see "Common Equipment" page for the equipment list and the rules regarding use.