2021 Student Council


Members of the 2021 Student Council:
Executive Officers  
Chair: Lorena Andreoli
Secretary: Amy Gooch
Communications Officer: Izabela Porebska
Academic Officer: Lakshmipriya Swaminathan
Welfare Officer: Sofiia Kosar
Diversity Officer: Hiroki Sawada
Health and Safety Officer: James Osborne
Faculty Assembly Representative: Leilee Chojnacki
Events Officer: Hugo Musset
Non-Executive Officers  
IT Officer: Stefano Pascarelli
Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Representatives: Isabel Anai Echeverria Oviedo
& Jann Zwahlen
Culture and External Relations Representative: Florian Lalande
CDC Representative: Nadine Wirkuttis
Sustainability Representative: Miles Desforges
Constitutional Officer Hunter Barbee


You can contact us at studentcouncil@oist.jp!