Communications Officer: Izabela Porebska

Izabela Porebska

Academic life before OIST:

I obtained a BSc in Neurobiology from Jagiellonian University in CracowPoland,
prior to moving to the University of BonnGermany, where I graduated from with an MSc in Neurosciences.

Unit at OIST:

Neurobiology Research (Wickens) Unit (rotation),
with an intent to join Human Developmental Neurobiology (Tripp) Unit for PhD

I study human neuroscience, because:

I strongly believe no behaviour is accidental; behind every reaction, there is a chemical or electrical mechanism that dictates it.
I find it absolutely fascinating that we, such complex creatures, are just biological structures
made up of a bunch of highly specialised cells, and I want to understand as much about this specialisation
as there is to know.

In Okinawa, I like to:

discover tiny cafes and cozy little restaurants hidden away from main roads, as there are plenty!

I also find deep pleasure in experiencing all sorts of Okinawa's not-always-friendly weather and nature
that are a constant reminder that I have managed to get further away from the familiar environment of a place I was born in
than I ever thought possible.

I am the Communications Officer, because:

I thought I knew everything about successful communication.
Now that I've learnt how much I didn't know, I want to use the newly gained knowledge to perfect
the student-aimed communication and ensure the valuable information is readily available and easily accessible to all interested.