Academic Officer: Lakshmipriya Swaminathan

Lakshmipriya Swaminathan

Academic life before OIST:

I have a bachelor’s in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for which I studied in my hometown Bengaluru. I then went on to do a master’s in Theoretical Physics unraveling the secrets of the universe and what not, from the Netherlands.

Unit at OIST:

I’m one of those physicsts that jumped ship and dove into the realm of living things. I am part of the nRIM Unit (Uusisaari Unit) and I study movement and how it is controlled using all the cool stuff I learnt as a Theoretical physicist.

I study neurobiology of movement, because:

The way animals can move is incredibly beautiful, owing to the adaptability and robustness of these movements, and I want to know how these movements are brought about by the brain!

In Okinawa, I like to:

bike, run, go to the beach. I also like doing different types of martial arts (if you come to oist early enough you might catch me doing tai chi by the village centre pond) or anything related to moving and strengthening my body!

I am always down to do karaoke or just sing and make music together!

I am the Academic Officer, because:

OIST has a wonderful flexible Ph.D. program, but navigating the different academic milestones can be a challenge.

This is also one of the most important journeys that one would undertake as a scientist. I want to help with any obstacles one may face in this exciting but sometimes arduous journey. If you have any issues related to your Ph.D., please do come and talk to me about it! Or if you just need a friend to speak to, I’m your person!